Why Not Me?

Book review on Mindy Kaling's 'Why Not Me?'
Somebody call a doctor. I need stitches.

I have been laughing non-stop for the last three days all because of Mindy Kaling’s newest memoir Why Not Me.Ever since I picked up my very own copy, my world has turned into its very own sitcom (Well, maybe the world inside my head. I haven ‘t really stepped out into the real world since I started reading it). So before all of you get concerned and wonder why I requested a paramedic to come rushing to my house, I was just trying to find a way to tell you that “I was in stitches.” This is the extent of my sarcasm. Did it work?

I kicked off my Reading Challenge at the beginning of 2015 with Kaling’s first novel Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?. After reading it, I ultimately decided that Kaling was my newest hero. Of course, my best friend is also responsible for this revelation because one day, when I was over at her place, she nearly forced me to watchThe Mindy Project and I was immediately hooked… big time. (Bless her heart, my #bff knows me so well).

In her second book, Mindy talks about love, Hollywood, family, and most importantly, self-acceptance. Just like in her debut-novel, you can nearly hear Kaling’s voice narrating as you go through each page. It was as if she were right next to me, going on about her daily routine and comparing herself to Hannibal Lecter during her daily face-mask sessions. (Unfortunately, she was never actually next to me, but Mindy, if you’re reading this, my home is always open to you. Just make sure to buzz in when you arrive.)

Book review on Mindy Kaling's 'Why Not Me?'

As hysterical as she is, Kaling discusses pretty serious matters and really emphasizes on women’s body image. This is why I would never hesitate to give my niece a copy of this book. (Not my copy, though. This one’s mine and mine only.) I would also never hesitate to force my niece to binge-watch The Mindy Project despite any of her pleas to play, yet again, Monte Carlo and A Cinderella Story.

Make your every day even more fab by picking up a copy of Why Not Me?.

I promise, the stitches won’t hurt one bit.

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