Why, Hello There!

Back from my honeymoon!

Hello to all of you fabulous folks out there! It feels amazing to be back! Again, a big thank-you goes out to everyone for supporting me as I shared my wedding journey throughout this past year. It was quite the ride! Blogging the experience only felt natural and each post now acts like a memory that I’ll cherish forever.

Ok, now, let’s rewind for a second. We’re in the month of September?! Wait… what?! It’s already autumn? This year has really flown by but I’m excited for all of the fall-themed posts I have planned. Also, I’m looking forward to having an excuse to eat all of the candy that I want (because Halloween is a valid excuse, right?)

I’ve got some really big plans for Fabulous Habits. I’m thinking of starting videos… actually, wait. No. I’m reallywanting to do some videos, so keep your eyes out for that! Also, there will be more guest bloggers, more reviews, more books, more fashion… more of everything! (I feel a little bit like Veruca Salt, but that can’t be a bad thing. I mean, how cute was her red jumper? Do I feel it for an outfit post?)

Is there anything you’d like to see more of on Fabulous Habits? Any beauty products that you’ve been a little hesitant in purchasing but you’re just itching to know how it is? What about recipes? Outfit suggestions? Comment below to let me know. I look forward to making your every day more fab than it already is!

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