Wedding Words: 6 Months

Wow. 6 months really just flew right on by. 6 months. That’s 182 days. Half a year of utter joy and bliss. My first six months of officially being a wife.
When people ask me, “So? How does it feel now that you’re married?”, I can’t really say much. Nothing has really changed. Joe and I went the less traditional route (if you can even call it that these days) and lived together for a year even before tying the knot, so our living arrangements have remained the same.
Our feeling of love and happiness are still as strong and so the official document stating our nuptials is more paperwork than anything else. (Well, at least it was a call for celebration, giving us an excuse to dine, dance, and party with family and friends.)
I love this moment Joe’s uncle (who’s my uncle now, too!) captured when my bridesmaids were helping me down the stairs, on our way to our outdoor photoshoot despite the crummy weather. It’s a true reflection of how my friendships remain stable, consistent, and more true than ever… even with the change in my marital status.

Happy 6 months to my wonderful husband.

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