Travel Habits: 7 Things You Wish You Had Packed in Your Carry-On

I've partnered up with Josh Mark for the ultimate checklist for your carry-on luggage!

Kick into the new year with some wanderlust. Need a few travel tips? Cruise and vacation consultant, Josh Mark, has got your carry-on covered.

It’s wonderful to catch up with old friends. When I heard from Josh, a former colleague from my college days, I was ecstatic. I immediately thought of the stories and jokes we’d exchange at our part-time job. Trust me, when it comes to leather, quality zippers, and messenger bags, we can talk your ear off.

All jokes aside, I always knew that Josh had a knack for traveling. When I heard about his work in cruise and vacation consulting, I said to myself: “What a perfect fit!” Immediately, I knew that he’d be the perfect candidate to share his tips and tricks with Fabulous Habits’ readers.

Josh has had years of experience working onboard several Princess Cruise ships. He’s gone far and wide – some destinations including Alaska, the Caribbeans, Mexico, and the Panama Canal. A seasoned traveller, Mr. Mark is my ultimate go-to for planning trips and cruise getaways.

Today, he is here to share his tips on carry-on luggage. To me, the carry-on is vital for any trip. If you pack smart, you can avoid some pretty sticky situations that can easily occur on any adventure. Check them out:

7 Things You Wish You Had Packed in Your Carry-On, According to Josh Mark

Electronics and Their Accessories
There’s nothing worse than settling in for your flight to find you are missing your earbuds or charger. For that long-haul flight, it might be worth investing in a secondary battery pack in case you don’t have easy access to an electrical outlet.

One Night’s Worth of Provisions
It’s happened to me when traveling for business that I make the connection and my suitcase doesn’t. Be prepared with some clothes and toiletries to get you through the first night and first day. This also includes medication!

A Goody Bag for Your Neighbors if Travelling with a Baby
If travelling with a baby, it’s a thoughtful gesture to prepare a goody bag for your immediate seatmates – especially if your baby ends up spending a chunk of their time crying. I suggest including earplugs, gum, and a cute note from your baby saying it’s their first plane ride. A little gesture goes a long way.

Bottle of Water
During the course of a flight, on average, we lose 1.5L of fluids. They key to a comfortable flight is staying hydrated. Bring a bottle of water along with you, so you always have some at your fingertips.

I've partnered up with Josh Mark for the ultimate checklist for your carry-on luggage!

Pack of Gum
This goes hand-in-hand with the water. When dehydrated, your mouth is the first place to dry up, leading to an added level of unfreshness. You’ll feel a lot better and your neighbor will appreciate it too.

Eye Shades
Know what direction you’re flying in relation to the sun. Just because you board your Europe-bound flight at night, doesn’t mean the sun will stay down until you arrive – a good portion of the flight will be spent flying into sunrises. The eye shades will help block out Mr. Golden Sun so you can stay asleep just a little bit longer.

I've partnered up with Josh Mark for the ultimate checklist for your carry-on luggage!

Your Airline’s App
It’s always important to know where your flight is arriving and where you have to be to make your connection to catch the next one. By downloading the app from the airline you are traveling with, you will receive up to date information on where you need to be when. Just because you know where you knew at take off, doesn’t mean the same information applies upon arrival.

* *

Traveling is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family. It gives you a chance to really step out of your boundaries and learn how beautiful our world is. Do yourself a favor and consider planning a trip (or tw0) in 2018… whether it be across the ocean or within your nation. Big or small, there’s always something to learn.

Learn more about Josh and his travel services here – trust me, he’ll be able to curate the most perfect getaway (that you know you deserve). Be sure to follow along on Facebook as well as Instagram to get some travel-inspo.

And this won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing from the travel expert! Throughout the year, Josh will be sure to share more tips and guide us through the world. What would you like to read about? Also, give me suggestions on where our family should take our next adventure! Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

I've partnered up with Josh Mark for the ultimate checklist for your carry-on luggage!


  1. As a mom, I would NEVER take anything from a stranger for my kids (or baby). It is a nice gesture, but you never know, so I would thank them and pass 🙂

  2. This is such a great list! I do pack a lot of these things already. I never bothered with the goody bag if I traveled with kids since it’s just a way of life. Crying happens on airplanes. Now that my kids are older, if someone is near me with a baby, I just put on my ear phones.

  3. I always have One Night’s Worth of Provisions in my carry on but I never thought about my airlines app as a necessity even though I typically load it just before boarding. It has come in handy a couple of times when my connecting flight was delayed or a gate changed. Good info.

  4. I only take a carry on. I have had so many horrible situations from lost luggage. This is such great tips on the must haves for you carry on!

  5. A scarf (light and/or heavy depending on the season or destination) to keep yourself warm on plane and perfect accessory during your trip.

  6. This is a great list of things to bring with you in your carry on bag. I always make sure to have some gum on hand. It really helps during takeoff.

  7. I definitely agree with at least one night’s worth of provisions. Airlines have lost my luggage too often for comfort.

  8. I’m going on a trip this weekend so this post was very timely for me. However, I have to disagree with giving gifts to people just because they are sitting near my kids on a plane. I’ve never done it and never felt I needed to. Thankfully people in general are very kind and supportive of families.

  9. I like that suggestion of a goodie bag for your neighbor if you have a crying baby. On our flight home from Phoenix, there was a crying baby when we were descending and I’m so thankful no one gave that poor mom a problem. I kept thinking that baby just needs to clear his ears from the pressure build-up and he’d be fine. Its so hard to travel with kids, but you can definitely make it easier by thinking ahead.

  10. Whenever we travel we always bring something to entertain the kids along with snacks. I always buy water right before we get on the plane and that is usually all I ever drink. These are some great tips.

  11. These are all great things to pack for sure! I like the idea of a nights worth of things in case luggage gets lost or there is a delay. With air travel you just never know. That outfit is adorable BTW!

  12. I can relate to that incident where you arrived earlier than you baggage did. Oh that was so frustrating! I will take you advice and pack one day’s worth of provisions in my carry-on luggage.

  13. The one thing I always forget to pack is extra clothing in my carry on just in case. We have been lucky so far with having our luggage arrive though.

  14. Once when I was on a flight, they made me check my carry on and it was the worst! They took all the diapers, extra clothes and everything I had for my baby! Still one of my crazy travel stories.

  15. These are great tips. We are preparing to leave on a trip in a few weeks and really appreciate you reminding us of these travel musts. Especially having overnight provisions in case our luggage doesn’t arrive with us. Hasn’t happened to us yet, but you never know.
    Thanks so much.

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