Toddler Developmental Stages: Preschool Prep

Is it time for your toddler to socialize? Here’s how to stay organized with preschool prep.

Organizing back-to-school supplies by labelling everything as a part of our preschool prep!
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I can hardly believe that our little family is well into toddlerhood. The toddler stage is absolutely phenomenal: at this age, your little one is still holding onto their curiosity while being more aware and communicative. It’s a wonderful mix of learning, playing, and developing.

For some time, Joe and I have noticed Leo’s eagerness to interact with other kids. Being an only child, he’s accustomed to independent play. However, more and more, we see him trying to utter words every time we’re at the park or enjoying scheduled play dates. This is why we decided for Leo to start on early preschool: for the social and learning aspect. We are all so excited!

Mom and toddler and preschool prep: Stick2Me labels for the win!

Now that back-to-school is in full-force, I’ve got a few pointers on how to stay calm, organized, and ready for a brilliant year! Preschool prep doesn’t have to be intimidating for either parent or little one.

Here are all the things your little one will need to prepare for preschool. Here's how we approached preschool prep for our toddler! #preschoolprep

Staying Organized for Preschool Prep

Talk About It

Make school something to look forward to! Sure, everyone’s first day can be nerve-racking. In fact, one of my earliest memories is my mom walking me to my first day of kindergarten. Want to know how I felt?

Absolutely terrified…

…which is something I am trying to avoid with Leo. I think the social aspect is what’s really pushing me to get him to attend preschool.

So what do we do about it in our household?

We talk about it. Joe and I sat down and discussed different possibilities like daily play dates, group swimming lessons, the different preschools/daycares in our area, etc.

Now that we’ve officially decided on early preschool, we openly talk about it with Leo. Okay, so he may not completely understand our jibber-jabber, but the topic is out in the open. When we discuss it, we show excitement and we’re all smiles. It’s helpful for the entire family!

Mom and toddler and preschool prep: Stick2Me labels for the win!

Integrate More Playdates

To get Leo more accustomed to socialization, we’ve scheduled a number of playdates before the big day. It gives him a chance to a) catch up with his buddies (and my mom-friends!) b) get used to sharing, communicating, and playing alongside others.

Visit the Facilities

A part of preschool prep is getting to know the staff and facilities. We made sure to pay a visit and get a tour of Leo’s soon-to-be school. This gets your family acquainted with its curriculum and teachers.

Label It!

I’ve always noticed how so many parents dread the task of back-to-school shopping. I think it’s the idea of a long (and sometimes, expensive) list of items that need to be prepped and organized before the first day.

Leo’s has a ton of items to bring on his first day. Call me over-organized (Is there really such a thing?!), but everything is all set!

Yes, we are totally ready and preschool prep is just about done in our household: maybe it’s my natural passion for shopping or my need to be ready well before time. What also facilitated our preschool prep were the Stick2Me labels I used to get all of Leo’s items personalized.

Mom and toddler and preschool prep: Stick2Me labels for the win!

Founded in 2014 by a busy mom of two, Stick2Me labels are colorful, durable, and easy to apply. Starting at $23.95 CDN, you get an entire booklet of labels of various shapes and sizes. Since they are waterproof and resistant to washing, you can label clothes, shoes, Tupperware, and bottles without a single worry (trust me, they are ultra secure!).

So here we are: pencils, toothbrush, sweaters, shoes… they are all labelled, packed-up, and we are totally ready for some preschool action!

How do you label your school supplies? Stick2Me is a really easy solution plus, you can choose between really fun designs and prints (we opted for the superhero labels). Check ‘em out on Insta, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The new mom's ultimate guide to preschool prep. It's all about the preparations - you totally got this, mama! #preschoolprep


  1. These are great tips. It can be hard for toddlers to go out into the great big world, and at their age, preschool IS a great big world. I love these.

  2. I love that you included talking about things. So many tips regarding parenting leave talking out of it, but communication is they key to everything in parenting.

  3. Yes! Label EVERYTHING! I was in shock at how many things my daughters lost in their early school years. Heck, my daughter just started high school and I sometimes think she still needs her stuff labeled so I can ensure it gets brought back home.

  4. Good luck Leo and Mom! I hope y’all have a great first day. I think you’re definitely well prepared 🙂

  5. What great tips! We dont have preschool where i live but my girlfriend in the US her son is just starting. Sending her to read this gem!

  6. These are really great tips for parents with a child attending school for the first time. I think letting a toddler play with other kids in the neighborhood will help them develop social skills and prepare them for preschool.

  7. Socializing is an important step for pre-school age children. My daughter has done this with her first two and starting on her third. So worthwhile and they learn so much.

  8. I only remember my kids not being very social at the younger ages and kids would all get together and play by themselves. I wish you good luck on this milestone of the beginning of preschool.

  9. Oh my goodness! Can Leo be any cuter???? Adorable!
    I hope Leo has a wonderful time in preschool! I know he will! A few hours for mama time is nice also.
    The personalized labels are too cute! My little nephew loses everything and these would be perfect!

    • Hi Nancy! Thank you so much! <3 We are all so excited to make new friends!! Hopefully this mama will make some mommy friends too!

  10. I love this post and great tips! Our Jada will be headed to preschool this year and she’s so excited! I don’t think she will have any problem socializing but, you never know! We’ve been talking a lot about school lately in hopes she won’t be freaked out when the time comes!

  11. Great tips! I think it[s so important for toddlers to socialise, we used to go to playgroup twice a week just to mix with other children and it was good for me too to get out and meet other mums!

  12. Love these tips. My son and daughter attended pre-school so they could meet other kids and learn to socialize.

  13. These are great tips for parents sending their tots off to school. I cant believe its back to school season already but hopefully this post put some parents ate ease.

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