Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Infants

Give us something good to eat! (Even if we’re teething.)

Make trick-or-treating a good ol’ time – even with your little one!
Trick-or-treating with little ones can be fun, safe, and enjoyable for all!
Last year, I remember being pregnant and just not wanting to go outside for Halloween. It was cold, rainy, and I was incredibly fatigued.

Now baby’s arrived… and that totally changes the game! You can surely bet that for this Halloween, we are so eager to get outside and introduce Leo to a world of costumes, candy, and Jack-o-lanterns. Trick-or-treating… here we come!

Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Infants

Just walk around!
I know candy is one of the best parts to trick-or-treating, but baby won’t actually know what he/she is missing out on. Halloween is a time to get festive, so put on your spooky gear and allow baby to observe the decorations, the ambiance, and all the fun costumes.

Spook-up the stroller
Perhaps baby’s not into wearing his/her costume? Maybe you decided last-minute that you’d take a festive stroll around the neighbourhood? No worries! If you’re not up for a disguise, you can add a few touches to your stroller to get into the Halloween spirit.

Work it, work it – model that cute costume!
Rather than going door-to-door, visit a mall or a local museum dressed from head-to-toe. I don’t blame you for wanting to show off your cutie-patootie!

Trick-or-treating with little ones can be fun, safe, and enjoyable for all!

I know many parents who’ve expressed the “tackiness” in taking a baby door-to-door for candy. Rest assured, Leo and I will be having our own treats this year (teething biscuits and pumpkin puree for the win!), but remember: each family has their own preferences. Do whatever’s best (and most fun!) for your little one! Whether you’ll be seeking treats or just roaming the streets on the 31st, I hope you all have a fun, festive, and amazing Halloween!

Photographs by Laurie-Anne Thuot Photography (and be sure to follow her on Instagram here!)



  1. I have no idea why some people get so uptight about Halloween and who is trick or treating. Some people get angry if teens are trick or treating. I would rather them be having good clean fun than things some teens are up to! If you want to deck out the stroller and take your baby door to door it’s your business. I think if people are that uptight they should just turn out their lights and don’t open the door. Your baby is adorable!

    • Joely,

      Couldn’t agree more with you! Every family has their tradition and shouldn’t be judged for it! All good, clean fun, just like you said!

  2. I think it’s great to take babies trick or treating, you get exercise walking around and it’s a great way to celebrate – who doesn’t want those photos for the memory album?

  3. What a cutie I didn’t my 4-month-old join in on the fun with his siblings since it was really cold, plus he has been sick. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have minded going door-to-door with him along with my other two. 🙂

  4. Such cute photos! this is so smart and so true its great just to get out and walk, I love how there are lots of fun things around town earlier in the day for younger kids too!

  5. Leo is just the cutest! We didn’t take my son trick-or-treating until he was about 3. This year we took Jazzy, but it was so windy. We went up our street with her, and she went up to one door, and that was all the fun she needed lol

  6. Oh man, I could imagine it being insanely tricky to take infants out trick or treating. Sure, dressing them up is fun and cute for a picture, but the reality is, they probably like the outfit for all of about 2 milliseconds, hahahaha!

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