Super Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

Sun’s out, gotta go out… okay, well, maybe that’s not the *official* saying, but you know what we mean! Here are some of our favourite summer activities for toddlers!

Ready for the summer season? So are we! Here are our favourite summer activities for toddlers - let's enjoy that sunshine! #parentingtips

Gotta enjoy that sunshine!

I don’t know about you, but the moment my son hit the toddler phase, he was all about playing outdoors. In cold, cold Montreal, that’s sometimes very hard to accommodate. So when summertime rolls along, we’re all about heading outside and basking in all of the sunshine.

Now that summer is well on its way, I rounded-up some of the best summer activities for toddlers. These ideas are original and budget-friendly: so it’s perfect for any family!

Super Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

Rounded-up 7 of the most popular summer activities for toddlers. Now, let's get outdoors and play! #summeractivity

Living in Montreal means experiencing the extremes of every single season. Winter is down-right freezing and in the summer season, we can have weeks of heat waves.

When the weather is right, our family takes full advantage and we tend to stay outdoors. Here are a few fun summer activities for toddlers so that they can stay entertained.

Ready for the summer season? So are we! Here are our favourite summer activities for toddlers - let's enjoy that sunshine! #parentingtips

1. When you’re outside, making a mess isn’t all that bad! (Trust me!) This Bubble Painting activity by Glitter on a Dime is fun and colorful!

2. This DIY Glow Lantern by HodgePodge Hippie is absolute genius! Your kiddos will absolutely adore the results of this neat craft.

3. Get wet and wild! These DIY Sponge Bombs by Masshole Mommy are a fun way to cool down on hot summer days.

4. I have always been a huge fan of fairy gardens and this one from Finding Zest is just oh-so adorable!

5. On Natural Beach Living, they’ve got step-by-step instructions on how to experiment with baking soda and vinegar… in a watermelon! Absolutely perfect for summertime.

6. This ball-themed summer party by Uncommon Designs Online is just absolutely brilliant! What a great way to celebrate!

7. This DIY Summer Jar is a great way to list all your summertime goals and achieve them! Great idea by The Country Chic Cottage.

From this list, what activities will you be participating in with your toddlers? One thing’s for sure – we absolutely cannot wait for the summer season! Come faster, please!

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Get outdoors with your little one. Need some inspiration? We've got 7 of the best summer activities for toddlers! #parentingtips #FabulousHabits


  1. eek i wish i came across this sooner bc i love all of these awesome ideas- my little one is the perfect age for a few of these ha! cant wait to get started and share w/ some neighbors too!

  2. Thanks SO much for including me in your roundup! My boys LOVE the sponge bombs and they use them pretty much daily in the summer.

  3. I have done most of these, except number 5. My boys would like getting messy with that craft, though, so we may have to try it out this summer.

  4. These sound like some amazing things to do with a toddler over the summer, it is amazing the things you can come up with when you think about it for a while!

  5. Our weather is pretty similar to Toronto, and those just right summer days are precious! It looks like you’re sharing some great activities for toddlers. The watermelon activity is so intriguing, my kids and I would have really liked doing that experiment!

  6. I love this summer activity list you have here! I am actually watching my niece for a few nights this week and these will come in handy!

  7. Great round up! My kids love outdoor activities but sometimes it’s not always easy to stay out in the summer. Very hot.

  8. These are all entirely fun and exciting activities. I am absolutely sure that kids will love it. Number sounds pretty interesting.

  9. I really love all these ideas. My girls are no longer toddlers, but they’re still on the younger side and I know they’d really love these activities!

  10. My kids are teens now but when they were toddlers, getting wet and wild was our favorite activity in summer.

  11. We love making fairy gardens! They are simply to make and really use a child’s imagination. Plus, you are never really done since you can add new things all the time and move the pieces around.

  12. Summer is that time of the year when you can do a lot but have no idea what to do. Thanks for these awesome tips!

  13. I remember how tough it was to find activities for toddlers to keep them busy! These are great, especially for those hot summer days.

  14. After reading recommendation after recommendation in books I’m reading, I’m convinced my son needs lots of outdoor activity. This list will be easily revised for my six-year-old.

  15. These are such fun activities. one of my biggest goals this summer is to get the little one out and about!

  16. These are all such great ideas and I love it being budget friendly! When I see grandchildren I’ll have to try some of these! Thanks!

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