Solid-Foods Galore! 5 Must-Have Baby-Feeding Items

The best baby-feeding items for your little muncher.

The sweetest baby-feeding items for your little muncher.

Who’s ready to eat?! If your little one is just about ready for solid food, there are a few baby-feeding items that you’ll want to pick up.

The best baby-feeding items for your little muncher.

At 6 months old, Leo definitely showed his readiness for pureed foods. We were lucky enough to be gifted with the best feeding accessories, so we were ready to go as soon as he was. With the “okay” from our doctor, Leo started snacking on bananas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

During mealtime, here are the 5 items we couldn’t do without:

Long Baby Spoon
Look for feeding spoons that are made of BPA-free plastic. After feeding Leo for a few weeks, I found the longer ones easiest to use.

There are some fruits and veggies that just can’t be “mushed-up” with a spoon or fork. Our Baby Bullet has come in handy in getting Leo’s foods at the perfect consistency.

It’s All in the Bib
Look for bibs that can be washed and dried immediately (because who likes extra items in the laundry basket?). I like going for silicone/rubber bibs that have spill-pockets to catch all of our (mighty) messes.

Baby Containers
For days out, I fill up lightweight containers with Leo’s favorite snacks. I prepare them the night before and pop them in our diaper bag when we’re ready to go.

Sitting High and Proud
One item I was incredibly excited for was our Peg Perego Siesta High Chair. High chairs allow your baby to be included in family meals. Leo has a new-found independence with his Siesta high-chair: he watches me in excitement (and sometimes, with little patience) as I prep his food and formula.

Once you see the name ‘Peg Perego‘, you just know  that you’re looking at a product of high quality and design. The Siesta is one of their top-sellers and for good reason: it’s easy-to-use, has padded upholstery for extra comfort, and adjusts in ways you wouldn’t even think a high-chair could. It’s great for any of baby’s stages. The chair inclines in 5 different positions making it a great choice for newborns.

I love the back with its netted compartment: it makes it easy to store baby-feeding items. The 5-point safety harness is incredibly secure and a no-brainer to adjust and use.

The best baby-feeding items for your little muncher. The best baby-feeding items for your little muncher.

Is your baby starting on solids? What are his/her favorite foods?


  1. There are so many handy things out for babies now. Of course, there may have been when my son was little, too, but I can’t remember. These are some great ideas on how to transition a little one to solid foods. I especially like the silicone bibs. Those would have been handy!

  2. I didn’t even know there was a “Baby Bullet!” I went old school with my kiddos and used a hand crack baby food mill. I’ll bet the bullet is much faster! Lovin’ that high chair! Having a place to stash bibs, easy clean surfaces, and the brand. Yep, I’m a Peg Perego fan. When my family was living in Italy someone left a Peg Perego stroller out for trash day. I picked it up (yes, I’m that mom) and we used it for years. Great quality! Wish I still had it for my 1 year-old. Our current stroller has seen better days. P.S. Your baby is super adorbs! Those eyes!!

  3. These are some great tips for new breast feeding Moms. My BFF just became a Grandma and her daughter was having some issues getting her baby to latch on and get comfortable with her son breastfeeding. I just emailed her the link to you post. I think she will find this very helpful.

  4. Ooo that high chair is so pretty! I love the darker colours for high chairs as well. We did BLW which meant ALOT of food was thrown EVERYWHERE haha

  5. A blender is a must! I used to love making my little one fresh “baby food” using a blender and just steaming veggies or fruit and blending them up. My little one used to love it!

  6. Aww .. little Leo is the sweetest! I’m a grandma to two little ones, and my daughter was gifted a Peg Perego high chair at her baby shower. I couldn’t believe how well-made it was. She’s right there with you when it comes to perfecting her food mashing skills. I’ll have to get her a few rubber bibs because she says she’s forever doing laundry! x

  7. First off what a cutie!!!!! I wish they had the baby bullet when my kids were small. I could never get homemade baby food smooth enough. That high chair is awesome.

  8. First of all, this child is beautiful!! Secondly, thank you for the tips! My hubby and I are looking forward to beginning our family soon and I have no idea where to to start when it comes to buying things for baby. This was definitely helpful!

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