Sleeping Habits: 5 Tricks to a Better Night’s Sleep

Feeling groggy? Tired? Stay fabulous and thriving with these tricks for a better night's sleep.

Rise and shine. You deserve a better night’s sleep.

When I announced my pregnancy, the most common piece of advice I received was: “Get your sleep… now.” Of course, with becoming a parent lies the possibility of losing hours upon hours of sleep. Well, Joe and I scored pretty well within that department. At just two months old, Leo was doing his full nights. We relished in an entire night’s sleep early on in our parenting journey.

Feeling groggy? Tired? Stay fabulous and thriving with these tricks for a better night's sleep.

Regardless, there are still processes and steps that we take in order to get the right amount of shut-eye.

5 Tricks to a Better Night’s Sleep

It’s All About Routine
Babies thrive on routine and your sleeping pattern should be the same. Get accustomed to going to bed at the same time every night. This also goes for waking up: rise and shine at the same hour every single day.

Get lost in a good book. Nothing else gets my eyelids feeling heavier than reading in bed.

Feeling groggy? Tired? Stay fabulous and thriving with these tricks for a better night's sleep.

Lights Out
If you find yourself tossing and turning, avoid bright lights. TVs off, cell phones put away… you’ll find yourself having a better night’s sleep.

Partner Agreements
Joe and I have always respected each other’s sleep preferences. We openly discuss what our likes/dislikes are regarding bedtime routines. Joe prefers the left side of the bed, whereas I don’t mind either one. If Joe has a snoring phase, he’ll find solutions ASAP to ensure I get a sufficient amount of rest.

A Made-Up Bed
I make a conscious effort to make my bed every morning. It’s just so much more inviting to crawl into a clean bed with neatly folded sheets and fluffed-up pillows.

What does your sleep routine look like? What steps do you take to ensure a better night’s sleep?

Feeling groggy? Tired? Stay fabulous and thriving with these tricks for a better night's sleep.


  1. My biggest issue is that I can’t put my phone down before bed. I need to be better about that. Thanks for your awesome tips.

  2. Reading at night always puts me to sleep! I don’t have a problem going to sleep but I have a tendency to wake up really early and once my mind is awake I can’t go back to sleep.

  3. I sleep awful at night so any trick I can do in order to stay better I will definitely try it. I don’t ever make my bed even though I should maybe that is something I can do. It is easy to do.

  4. Wow you are lucky that your little one slept so well early on! It’s great that you and your hubby agreed on sleeping preferences right away. My husband and I did something similar when our kids were newborns, too.

    • I think we both appreciate sleep way too much to get in each other’s way! lol – Glad that you and your husband did the same!

  5. PS. Your headboard is simply amazing! I need one like it. I enjoy reading as well. I also like to drink something warm before bed. It’s great for digestion and relaxation.

  6. I have no problems falling asleep. I do love to read a few chapters of a book before I turn off the light. My husband wants me to turn my phone to silent mode, but I cannot do that. I need to be able to pick up a call whatever time it might be. I mean, if the call isn’t important, why would someone ring your phone at 2am?

  7. I am and always have been the worlds worst sleeper! I just cannot switch off and get to sleep even when I am beyond exhausted. Even when my son was first born and I was sleep deprived, when it came to my time to sleep I just couldn’t. I have learnt that a routine is very important and you need to stick to it at all times even at weekends, get up at the same time.

  8. I agree with staying in a bedtime routine! I sleep during the day (I work the night shift at a hospital for my full time job) and staying in a routine is the one thing that helps me get good sleep!!

  9. I agree with these tips. I’d also add keeping electronics out of your room if possible. My sleep devolved the moment my husband put a TV in the room. I unplug it at night because I noticed that even when off it was emitting a weird glow.

  10. I agree that reading before bed is such a great way to lull yourself to sleep. My husband loves to watch TV before bed which annoys me. Not sure if we will ever be able to compromise.

  11. Thank you so much for these suggestions! I have had some really had nights of sleep lately so this comes at the perfect time! I really have the biggest issue with screen time. I need to put my phone down and start reading instead. You have motivated me!

  12. I have a hard time every night trying to sleep. It seems my brain is so wired that I just can’t sleep, sometimes I grab my phone and play a few games to see if that would help me relax and fall off. maybe I need to find a good book!

  13. It is so funny that you mentioned the making of the bed thing and who gets what side. I’ve never been too worried about a ‘made bed’ until we moved into our new house. Now I feel like it should be made and I do have a hard time sleeping if the sheets are not “just right”, lol.
    I also prefer one side of the bed over another so I totally get it!

    • Jesica,

      I am SO with you on that – I really cannot move on to my next task if my bed is not made. It’s like: first thing in the morning, it just needs to get done!

  14. I need this so badly right now. I feel like I am in a bad cycle. Taking naps and then cannot sleep at night and then so tired that I take a nap. My sleep schedule is so off. Frustrating.

  15. Book marking! Sleep has never been easy for me. Not when our girls were babies, and not even now that they are grown. I need all the help I can get.

  16. Reading at night and computer work always put me to sleep. Honestly I don’t get near enough sleep that I should and I’m so tired the next day. Currently I am running only on about 5 hours a sleep a night. I will definitely try some of your ideas.

  17. Having a good and comfortable bed is always the first criteria for me. I agree about the sleeping routine as well and having a good book to read is what I do as well to make me feel sleepy. Haha

  18. I am with you when it comes to bright lights. You have to shut them off if you want to get a good nights’ sleep. And definitely you have to get all your social media devices closed if at all possible. They keep you distracted.

  19. I actually sleep really well on the nightly. It is hard for me to stay up past 10pm, I kid you not. I think it’s because I wake up pretty early in the AM and I work out every morning.

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