Riverdale-Inspired Recipe: Jughead Cupcakes

In anticipation of its return, I wanted to whip-up a Riverdale-Inspired Recipe. (So I went for Jughead Cupcakes.)

…in reality, I should have made some burgers.

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

My husband and I have pretty opposite tastes when it comes to shows and programming. On our movie nights/Netflix binge-watching sessions, we’ll normally play a rom-com or a classic film. Unfortunately, Joe is unable to watch reruns of Friends for days on end, so I guess I’ll have to continue flying solo for that.

But recently… drum roll, please!

Joe showed interest in Riverdale (which I loved from day one). When he expressed his curiosity on the series, I immediately sat him down and together, we sat through Seasons 1 to (mid-season) 3. Yes, oh yes! The Netflix gods have spoken. Joe and I finally have a show we can binge-watch together – my millennial heart is skipping beats, I tell ya.

To celebrate Riverdale’s return after their holiday pause (because we all deserve a break, don’t we?), I decided to whip-up my own Riverdale-inspired recipe.

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

Ladies and gents: a cupcake fit for a king (okay, maybe a Serpent King).

Riverdale-Inspired Recipe: Jughead Cupcakes

Here are our step-by-step instructions to make the cutest Jughead Cupcakes. One thing's for sure: these sweet treats will impress any Riverdale fan! #riverdale

One dozen chocolate cupcakes (Psst: click here for my chocolate cupcake recipe – they’re DIVINE!)
1 stick butter, softened
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
2-3 tbsp milk
7-9 oz. white fondant, divided
1-2 oz. red fondant
Black gel food coloring
Wilton tip #8
Wilton tip #1M
Small bowl of water + paintbrush

Yields: 12 decorated cupcakes

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

Prepare your chocolate cupcakes according to directions. Allow to cool on a wire rack – remember: they must be completely cool before adding icing and decorations.

As the cupcakes cool, prepare Jughead’s fondant crown. Take a 1 oz. piece off your white fondant and set aside.

With the rest of the fondant, add 1 small drop of gel food coloring. Knead until completely tinted – it should be grey.

Roll out your grey fondant so that it’s about ¼ of an inch thick. Using a paring knife, cut out 12 rectangles. They should be about 5in x 1.5in in size.

Along one long side of each grey fondant strip, cut out small triangles.

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

Roll out your red fondant, about ¼ of an inch thick. With your paring knife, cut out 12 small triangles.

Roll your remaining small white fondant piece and using Wilton icing tip #8 to cut out 12 small circles.

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

To make the buttercream, use an electric mixer to beat butter, confectioners’ sugar and milk together. Start on medium speed and gradually increase to high.

Once the ingredients are well-combined, smooth, and form semi-stiff peaks, the buttercream is ready.

Scoop the buttercream into a piping bag, set with Wilton tip #1M. Frost each cupcake.

Brush a small amount of water on one end of your grey fondant strip. Make both ends meet.

Brush water on the back of each red and white fondant piece. Stick one of each on your grey crown.

Place one fondant crown on each cupcake.

I was keen on Riverdale right off the bat because I grew up reading the comics. Watching the Archie universe in the series’ perspective has been quite the ride. Who’s your favourite character from Riverdale?

Homemade cupcakes inspired by Jughead and Riverdale.

A dessert fit for any king... a serpent king, that is! Check out how we made these oh-so cute Jughead cupcakes! All on the blog! #riverdale


  1. These are the perfect cupcakes to celebrate the return of Riverdale. I haven’t seen the series but after looking longingly at these beautiful cupcakes, I want to watch! You nailed Jughead with these cupcakes!

  2. My son’s girlfriend watches Riverdale. It’s one of her fave shows. I should bake these for her one day. She’d LOVE this! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a fun way to enjoy Jughead. It is always fun to make a special treat and enjoy the show while munching down on something sweet.

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing! I actually have not seen the show. From what I undestand it is based off of Archie comics? Sounds like a fun show to watch!

  5. My daughter likes this show, and it would be fun to make these cupcakes. To be honest I am not familiar with the characters, so it was fun to find your recipe!

  6. Those turned out great! What a wonderful idea. My daughters would really love this too. They’d enjoy helping me make them as well.

  7. These are so adorable and I love Jughead!! We binged the first two seasons and then we forgot to start watching season 3! So now I can’t wait to catch up again. 🙂

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