This Year’s Reading List

Setting myself up with a 12-book reading list.

…but secretly, challenging myself to double it!

A list of books to read within the new year.

It’s no secret that I love to read. However, entering motherhood 2 years ago made me lose sight of some of things I was most passionate for.

It was clear that I needed to find balance.

And boy, 2018 was all about the balancing act. I like to think of 2018 as the year I test-ran all the things that worked/didn’t work for me.

Now, I’m ready to walk into 2019 with a strong desire to chase and reach for bigger things. And of course, to get back into reading.

Remember when I read 50 books in a year? I miss that. But, with my new lifestyle, I have to be more realistic. In last week’s New Year’s blog post, I talked about SMART goals and how I’ll be applying more reading time in my day-to-day.

This Year’s Reading List

So, here I am, ready to tackle 1 book a month. For a former bookworm, this may seem small-scale but for a new, self-employed mom, this is a challenge worth tackling.

I don’t want to necessarily build a reading list with specific titles and have it set in stone. The best part about reading throughout the year is hearing about new book releases and announcements.

Instead, my reading list ends up being more of a guideline to keep things fun and challenging. I’m starting the year with Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza. I also have a couple of other books that I bought in 2018: Positive Discipline and VOX – two very different titles but both pieces of literature I can’t wait to dive into.

Aside from that, the sky’s the limit. Here’s my reading list suggestion for 2019: I hope you all can join me for the challenge!

A list of books to read within the new year.


  1. You are surely inspiring me to read again! As mentioned on Instagram, I really only read what I have to these days. I need to make the time to unwind and read!

  2. I think the idea of reading a book that I read in high school is a great idea. I kind of liked Shakespeare, even though I had a difficult time understanding some of them.

  3. Good luck reaching your reading goals this year! I have a whole list of titles I can’t wait to get started on. I just finished Reese Witherspoon’s Whisky in a Teacup and next I want to read Michelle Obama’s new book.

  4. I love the idea of your book challenge. I am currently reading a novel of 700 pages and I am not even half way through it after two weeks. It surely takes time and patience. Wish you will complete your challenge this year!

  5. I hope you find a good book for every topic you listed. It may be a challenge to find them, but I think these are good choices. I hated The Iliad when I was in high school. I think I should find a copy and read it now as an adult.

  6. You go girl! I wish I have a lot of time to read. I absolutely miss reading and just relaxing on my couch. Now, I can’t even relax on my couch anymore. LOL!

  7. This is my goal for the year – to read more! I read a ton of eBooks, but they were mostly for my business and marketing. I’d love to read a book that is just for enjoyment and not business 😉

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