Clean & Refreshed: How to Properly Remove Makeup

Learn how to properly remove makeup for the ultimate win in skincare

Because taking it off is just as important as putting it on.

I have been spending a good bit of my maternity leave watching makeup tutorials. When Leo was first born, Joe would often walk in on us binge watching NikkieTutorials while browsing Sephora‘s website for the latest in palettes and brushes.

I’ve dipped my toes in a lot of new makeup techniques this year. (I like to think that) my contour game is quite strong. I’ve put together some cosmetic wish lists and even reviewed new trends.

Of course, makeup removal is something we should pay very close attention to. Layers of products like primer, foundation, and concealer need to be thoroughly washed at the end of the day. A huge part of skincare is knowing how to properly remove makeup.

How to Properly Remove Makeup

Gels, Wipes, and Micellar Water
I was always one for using micellar water to start off my nighttime regime. Whether you opt for a gel, oil, or wipe – be sure you’re using some sort of makeup remover before anything else. Cleansing oils like Elle R Cosmetique’s Makeup Removing Oil will effectively remove all the difficult, gunky stuff: waterproof mascara, primer, etc. A lot of makeup removers can be harsh and irritating. Elle R Cosmetique’s formula is gentle, doesn’t make my eyes burn (hallelujah!), and smells incredible.

Wash Away!
After removing my makeup, I go in with a facial cleanser like Elle R Cosmetique‘s Soft Cleansing Gel to further cleanse my skin of any dirt and accumulated ickiness from the day.

Scrub, scrub, scrub
I was never one for exfoliators. I always found them too abrasive and damaging to my skin. After giving Elle R’s Soft Exfoliating Scrub a-go, it totally changed my cleansing game. Exfoliating is not necessary every night. However, when you find the right one for your skin, it’s good to keep it in your routine at least once a week or every month (depending on how your skin reacts to it – you know your face best).

Elle R Cosmetique‘s scrub is 92% natural and vegan. Besides it’s super-delicious smell, it’s moisturizing and has some anti-aging properties to it.

Learn how to properly remove makeup for the ultimate win in skincare

What products do you use to wash your face? What’s your nightly regime? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn how to properly remove makeup for the ultimate win in skincare


  1. I hardly ever wear makeup, but when I do, I definitely don’t take it off properly. Thanks for the awesome tips to do remove it, and I love the products you shared.

  2. I am terrible at taking my make up off every night. Not good I know. I would love to try this remover. Sounds like a great product to help remove make up and keep the skin nice and clean and healthy.

  3. I need to inform my oldest girls about the Elle R Cosmetique’s product line. I don’t use makeup, but the girls do. I see them using many products from Sephora as their daily makeup regiment, and they exfoliate some nights also. I do know it is important to properly remove your makeup correctly to protect your skin.

  4. I always use a mild facial cleanser since I tend to have sensitive, acne prone skin. I tend to be scared to try new things but maybe it is time for me to experiment and try something new. I also love the cleaning towelettes. They making taking off eye makeup a breeze!

  5. Waterproof mascara is such a pain to remove without a proper makeup remover. I like those that don’t irritate the eyes. Elle R Cosmetique’s formula sounds fine and it’s a must-try. I also like that it’s 92% natural and vegan.

  6. This is pretty much my skin regimen whenever I wear makeup. I also like to use a spin-brush, it helps really get into your pores and exfoliate your skin! I’d love to try out these products!

  7. I get lazy sometime an just go to bed without removing my make. I know it is horrible, but I don’t do it too often. I usually use make up wipes and then a cleanser and toner and moisturizer.

  8. As someone who is sort of new to the whole world of countouring and blending I really appreciate this. It’s easy to overlook how important it is to take the time to properly clean your face each night! I’ll have to check into these because I haven’t found a product I really love yet!

  9. What great tips! Admittedly, I’m not much of a make-up girl in the summer time, and only wear mascara and lip gloss. A night, I wash my face and slather on some moisturizer. After that, it’s a spritz or two of rose water and I’m off to bed. x

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