Pink Bath Bomb

I have been shopping at Lush for years. I remember back in my college days when I’d have long breaks between classes, I would often hop onto the subway and head for the closest Lush store to pick up a few bath and care items (shampoo bars, face masks, hand creams… the works). I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a loyal customer.

Even though I’ve been purchasing their items for quite some time, I am a newbie when it comes to their bath bombs. Stop what you’re thinking right now. I know… I’m awful. Lush’s bath bombs have been praised for years: they’re colorful, they’re cute, and they smell divine… but I never thought of picking one up. I guess I’ve always associated baths to relaxing and private time but growing up in a household with five family members, there was never really any peace and quiet.

Now I am finally trying it and I am so excited to feature different kinds and write about my impressions and experience. I like to refer to these posts as a new “mini-series,” so let me know what you think!

Pink Bath Bomb
For the first bath I drew up, I chose the Pink Bath Bomb. After making my bath and setting my bath bomb free, I was literally swimming in a bed of hearts. Think of diving into water that’s Barbie-girl pink and being surrounded by sweet notes of vanilla. In fact, the smell wasn’t too overpowering and as soon as I stepped out of the bath, my skin felt silky.

This bomb is definitely a must if you don’t want an extremely strong scent in your bathroom.

Pink Bath Bomb Pink Bath Bomb Pink Bath Bomb Pink Bath Bomb

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