Our New Home: How to Organize Bathtime with Toddlers

The ups and downs of bathtime with toddlers.

How to organize bathtime with toddlers - making bathtime fun with a consistent routine.
This post is in partnership with Rachel Mark, BeautyCounter Consultant

There’s a lot that goes into moving. I thought Joe and I played it really smart by preparing everything months in advance. Once we moved, we realized that there were still tons of things that needed to be done. It’s all a transition, and boy, has it been quite the transition for Leo.

Leo is getting the hang of our new abode. On our third official move-in day, Leo took his first bath.

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

He wasn’t used to his big boy bathtub and was totally uncomfortable. Bathtime with toddlers can sometimes be challenging. Toddlers go through phases and it seems that Leo needed a bit of adjusting in his new environment. Despite this change, there are a few things I keep consistent when it comes to our bathtime routine.

How to Organize Bathtime with Toddlers

Lay Everything Out

How to organize bathtime with toddlers - making bathtime fun with a consistent routine.

Before we even think of starting the bath, I prepare all post-bath items: I lay Leo’s towel on his bed and place diapers, wipes, and his change of clothes right next to it.

Bath-Friendly Toys

Before we dunk even one pinky toe in the water, I fill the tub with his favourite bath toys.

Dirty Clothes

All of Leo’s dirty clothes immediately go in the hamper. There’s no use leaving a messy trail of stained t-shirts and pants.

Trustworthy Bath Products

From the day that I was expecting, I knew I wanted to be extra picky with the products I’d be using on my son. I mean, I go for quality and (usually) organic beauty items on myself, so why not do the same for my family?

With fate and good networking, I recently connected with Rachel Mark, a registered acupuncturist, kinesiologist, and yoga teacher. If you think her hands are full, then you should also know that this #bosslady is also an expert consultant for the BeautyCounter brand.

How to organize bathtime with toddlers - making bathtime fun with a consistent routine.

Rachel recently introduced me to BeautyCounter’s Kids Bath Collection and now it has become a staple in our bathtime routine. The reason I immediately gravitated toward BeautyCounter’s collections is because of their core values. Their mission is simple: “To get safer products into the hands of everyone.”

I love the berry-scent of the Kids Body Wash. Not to mention, their shampoo was a dream to use. While most shampoos are hard to rinse out, BeautyCounter’s formula was effective and washed out of Leo’s hair like a dream. No residue and no suds left behind… perfect.

How to organize bathtime with toddlers - making bathtime fun with a consistent routine.

Connect with Rachel just like how I did! You can visit her on Facebook and Instagram and take a look at the BeautyCounter collection yourself.

Tell me, what beauty products are a must-have for you? How do you handle bathtime with toddlers?

How to organize bathtime with toddlers - making bathtime fun with a consistent routine.


  1. I always kept everything handy, so all I had to do was run the water and put the kids in the bath. Bathtime was always the easiest part of my day when my boys were little.

  2. Laying everything out for bathtime with toddlers is so important. Bathtime can be so stressful when you’re not prepared. Bathtub toys sure do help! Great tips!!

  3. We used to have plenty of toys for the kids so they would enjoy bath time and not be fearful of the water. I think that worked because now they are teens and when they shower they are in there forever!! LOL. These Beauty Counter products look amazing for any age.

    • Hey Paula! I’m happy to connect and share a little more about Beautycounter’s safer high performing products. We have kids and baby lines, full skincare, cosmetics, suncare, hair and body…all safe high performing products banning over 1500 questionable and harmful ingredients. I’m happy to connect and chat more about them. Feel free to follow me on IG @rachelmark.ca or email me atrachel@rachelmark.ca

    • Hi Amber! I’m happy to connect and let you know a little more about Beautycounter and our full line of safer products for the entire family, including skin care, cosmetics, hair, body and sun protection, as well as kids and babies. Feel free to message me on IG @rachelmark.ca or email me atrachel@rachelmark.ca

  4. We love bathtime around here! It’s almost a daily occurrence mostly just because it gives them something to do! … especially if it’s cold or rainy outside! These are great tips!

  5. It’s good to have everything you need within arms reach and providing some entertainment can make bath time easier for both of you! Love all the tips that you shared!

  6. I had a laundry basket full of toys, products, towels, etc. I’d put Ash into the basket and carry the whole thing to the tub. What squeals of laughter we had!

  7. Bath time got rough once my kids started being on the move! It sounds like you got it down!

  8. I remember that time at our house with her boy was little. Half the time it was chaos and I would get wetter than he would LOL. You have some great tips here and I’m going to tell my sister-in-law about them because she now has two toddlers.

  9. I cannot comment based on my own experience since I am not yet a mommy but I must say, indeed bath time is one of the happy time of my cousin. My cousin’s baby girl loves taking a bath. I guess she’s lucky to have a jolly baby girl.

  10. These are great tips you shared here especially laying everything out,bathing a toddler can be really stressful and confusing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We’ve got bath time down to a science around here. I get them in and clean while j gets Jammie’s and diapers… ready. I make sure everything is at my fingertips for these occasions

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