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Remember when I attended my high school reunion this past summer? Well, just like in any ol’ reunion, I ran into familiar faces and old friends. A lot of chit-chat took place and it was so interesting to see what everyone was up to.

As you know, I love running into incredible talent (so far, its blossomed into fun projects, like Alex C.D. Photography capturing the precious moments of my wedding. Or also, my collaboration with Brenton Barrow Photography).

At the reunion, I ran into my old pal, Belinda, and we were all about that “wedding-talk” since she was newly engaged and I was only a month away from my nuptials. Secretly (and I don’t want to come off too creepy) I was bursting to talk about her Instagram page and how impressive her artwork was.

Recently, I’ve been working long and hard on a new project (details to come in the new year!) and I finally did burst: I just had to commend Belinda on her beautiful calligraphy and praise her talent. Luckily, she agreed to work with me and I must say, it has been the smoothest ride. Belinda has shown a clear understanding of branding and marketing, and has presented me with pages and pages of beautiful, modern calligraphy.

You can check out her work here and bask in the beauty of her airy strokes, perfect curls, and her incredibly creative use of props and quotes. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

All photos pulled (with permission) from

Modern Calligraphy With Modern Calligraphy With Modern Calligraphy With

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