Lashes Galore

Lashes Galore

This is not a sponsored post. I received the ‘Looky Eyes 3D Mascara’ for review but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

There have been many instances where I’ve been tempted to try out false lashes. Whether it’s a makeup artist who’ll suggest it, or during one of my numerous shopping escapades at Sephora, I’ll heavily consider it, then drop the idea after thinking about the glue, the hassle, and my eyes’ potential reaction (they’re so sensitive!).

When I was approached to review the Looky Eyes 3D Mascara I was, once again, tempted. The idea of a false-lash look that wouldn’t come off as gaudy and artificial and also promoted a hassle-free application and removal seemed like exactly what I was looking for.

I was a little intimidated by having to go through the two-step process. The product, however, is so straight forward that nearly anybody can use it! The first brush is a “preparation gel” and it helps bind on the fibers from the second wand that will help give your lashes a fuller look. After the first coat, apply the fibers from the second tube (which to my surprise, ended up being a mess-free application). Finally, give your lashes a final coat with the preparation gel and you’ve completed your (easy) two-steps! (P.S. Do one eye at a time, you don’t want the gel to dry out before you put your fibers on!)

For an even bolder look, you can put mascara before applying the Looky Eyes 3D Mascara. I opted for a more natural look on my first wear and it was more than I could have hoped for! It’s a great in-between for those who want that full-lash look without the hassle of falsies.

Lashes Galore Lashes Galore

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