Inspiration for Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Less than a week away from Christmas and yup… you’re still needing that last-minute gift (or two, or three…).

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Last-minute gift ideas to help you out for this holiday season.

I am so grateful to have partnered with Première Moisson for this post. All opinions are 100% my own and I hope you find some inspiration for this holiday season!

I say it every year: “I am going to start shopping for Christmas presents in October! Promise!”

And it never happens.

Yesterday (yup, one week before the big day!), I found myself storming through crowds at the mall, trying to find the perfect present for my husband. It’s hard: after being together for so many years, I feel like I’ve exhausted all the classic gifts. We’ve covered leather goods, watches, trips, etc. I often like to go for practical things, but he’s one of those people that buys things whenever he wants or needs it.

So frustrating!

Last-minute gift ideas to help you out for this holiday season.

I know many of you out there are running around trying to cross everybody off your list. Here are a few last-minute gift ideas that I recently put together (after doing a lot of running around myself):

Inspiration for Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Drink, Clink

Showing up to someone’s place with a bottle in-hand is not uncommon. Wine and champagne are the perfect host/hostess gift. Take it up a notch by gifting them some nice glasses or champagne flutes to accompany the drinks!

Night Out!

I often gift gift cards/certificates to the movies. Everybody deserves a night out and gifting a full movie experience (tickets for 2, a gift card to the concession stand, etc.) is something I know I would definitely appreciate.


Beautiful candles can really set the tone in a home. A boxed set of candles gives your loved ones a choice of what scent to use in different rooms.

Kitchen Inspiration

If there’s one thing my friends and I all have in common, it’s our love for food.

Josée Fiset, co-founder of the oh-so popular Quebec bakery Première Moisson, released Les Carnets de Josée Fiset (translated: The Notebooks by Josée Fiset). The mini-series feature her creations: recipes to make with loved ones and beautiful food photography (that are oh-so drool worthy).

Last-minute gift ideas to help you out for this holiday season.

Last-minute gift ideas to help you out for this holiday season.

At only $4.95 a notebook, these notebooks are truly inspirational – and so they make for the perfect last-minute gifts for the foodie in your life.

Last-minute gift ideas to help you out for this holiday season.

Beautiful Blossoms

Make it personal and give your loved one a bouquet of their favourite flowers. A beautiful floral arrangement will certainly jazz-up anyone’s place.

Psst: we’ve got something for ya!

If you’d like your own copy of Josée Fiset’s beautiful carnet, head over to my Instagram page for a chance to win your very own!


  1. Wine is always a great gift idea. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll grab a bottle of really nice wine and maybe a basket of cheeses and smoked meats for a gift.

  2. Can you believe I was in the mall and tried very hard to find some creative gifts for my family for Christmas because every year I found myself give my family the similar gift, and your post provide some good ideas. After reading this, I decide to get some gift card and wine this year.

  3. These are great ideas for last-minute gifts. I’m in the category of people who still haven’t finished shopping so thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I’m a total procrastinator, so I love these thoughtful last minute gift ideas. Those cookbooks look great. I went to your beautiful Instagram account to enter, but alas I am not eligible to enter.

    • Hi Beth!

      Oh no! Yes, this giveaway is very hyper-local but I will have one soon that’ll be open to a broader audience. Thanks for checking it out, though!

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