The Importance of Family Traditions: An Evening at the Lavender Fields

Family portrait at La Maison Lavande - a beautiful lavender field just 30 minutes away from Montreal!

Our recent visit to La Maison Lavande and why we’ll be making a trip to the lavender fields as part of our family traditions.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m all about tradition. Growing up, my mom was adamant about keeping holidays and festivities set with a certain expectation. This is probably why family traditions hold such great nostalgic value for me. I think partaking in family customs helps build lasting memories for our little ones. One day, I want them to look back and appreciate all of the celebrations, both big and small.

Family portrait at La Maison Lavande - a beautiful lavender field just 30 minutes away from Montreal!

All of those flower-fields have been hitting social media hard this summer. I mean, who can blame us? The setting offers an oh-so perfect Insta-moment. At the beginning of July, we paid La Maison Lavande a visit. From the moment we stepped foot into the field filled with 100,000 (yes, one hundred thousand) lavender plants, Joe and I looked at each other and said: “Yup. Every summer. Every single summer.”

Tips for New Moms: here's how to create beautiful memories for you and your kids through family traditions. #familytraditions

The Importance of Family Traditions

I often think about the birthday parties my mom threw or how should bought a cake for every one of my monthly milestones when I was a newborn. These are traditions I hold dear to my heart. They’re also behaviours that I’ll be passing down to my children – and hopefully they’ll do the same.

They Give You Something To Look Forward To

Holidays and celebrations are fun, but they become even more exciting when you have a specific tradition to look forward to. Do you bake the same delicious cookies for Santa with the kids? Do you set a specific day of the week for game night? Whatever it is, family traditions are the events we all get excited for… no matter how old we are.

Priceless Memories

Family traditions give everybody something to talk about. I want my kids to look back and say, “When I was little, mom and dad made the effort to do (this) every year.” Of course, the best part about traditions is that they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Family portrait at La Maison Lavande - a beautiful lavender field just 30 minutes away from Montreal!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

When we visited La Maison Lavande, we met up with our family photographer. As always, she captured the most precious moments. I remember so many of our family traditions because my mom took photos of nearly every event.

Family portrait at La Maison Lavande - a beautiful lavender field just 30 minutes away from Montreal! Family portrait at La Maison Lavande - a beautiful lavender field just 30 minutes away from Montreal!

What are your family’s traditions? What are some of your earliest memories?

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Upholding family traditions is so important because it helps create memories for you and your little ones. Here are some of our favorite traditions. #familytraditions


  1. One of our family traditions is gathering at the beach every summer. All of my kids are grown so we really enjoy getting together with the kids and grandkids. I’d love to visit the lavender fields. It’s so beautiful and your photographer captured some sweet memories.

  2. We have a few family traditions that we like to do. I really like it idea of doing what you did! Those lavender fields are beautiful deck run for your photos. I wish we had a level to field around us I would get some family pictures there myself.

  3. Traditions are EVERYTHING! Traditions are what makes each family unique! I love learning about each families traditions!!

  4. Family traditions are what keeps the family’s bond stronger. I think it’s not just about making memories but maintaining that bond as well. It’s really important to keep!

  5. We don’t have many family traditions yet. Still in the process of making them. We like to go to the local state fairs each year and the Renaissance festivals. The kids love the jousting.

  6. I love family traditions and think they are very important. Most of ours revolve around holidays but I wish we had some random ones as well!

  7. Fields of lavender sound so pretty. It looks wonderful. Your photographer did a great job with the photos. I agree traditions really can hold a family together. I hope so at least.

  8. We have so many family traditions growing up. Coming here in the US is so difficult since I am far from my family but I do things with my kids that I learned from when I was a kid.

  9. Family traditions make wonderful memories which one cherishes for a long time. They stay with you for a lifetime. Still, remember the family outings as a kid and the visits to parks and eating ice cream. Love your cute pictures in the lavender fields.

  10. We are working on family traditions in our house. I would love to have s few more. I’ve always wanted to see lavender fields. How beautiful

  11. I love having family traditions, it gives the boys something to look forward to. I feel if we keep our traditions going one day our boys will pass them on to their kids.

  12. keeping family traditions are so important for everyone. I love to keep things from my childhood and incorporate them with my own.

  13. Great Blog Lisa. I also Love being traditional with our family events. Good job my girl. Love you to the moon and back. ❤❤❤❤See you soon

  14. I completely agree! Family traditions are so important! My husband and I even talk about what kinds of traditions we want to begin someday with our future family!

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