Homemade Tiropita

My dear friend Ciara married into a Greek family and now, her homemade Greek cooking is on point. I’m not really surprised: Ciara’s culinary skills are very impressive and she can go from Greek cooking to Russian dishes all the way down to whipping up a number of Irish plates. Ciara comes over every week and we literally spend hours in the kitchen, cooking a meal for both of our husbands. It’s a fun tradition that allows us to host mini dinner parties and spend quality time together.

Ciara taught me the basics for making tiropita, a Greek cheese pie using feta cheese and phyllo (or, filo) dough. She explained how the original recipe made for a great base and encouraged me to add in different cheeses and herbs in order to alter the flavor and texture to my liking. Last week, Ciara came for her visit and I followed the base recipe but then added some cottage cheese, extra raw eggs, and a large amount of dill to create a creamier and cheesier filling.

Again, we spent quite some time in the kitchen and the result: lots of laughs, lots of chit-chat, and 4 dozen tiropitas to share with our husbands.

Homemade Tiropita Homemade Tiropita Homemade Tiropita Homemade Tiropita

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