Friday Favorites: Family Traditions

Celebrating the best in family traditions to wrap up a week full of love.Wrapping up a loving week with the best in family traditions.

Celebrating the best in family traditions to wrap up a week full of love.

Family traditions are something that Joe and I constantly talk about. Perhaps it’s the idea of consistency, but we find ourselves constantly throwing ideas around: “How about we do this every year?” “How do you think the kids will like it?” Hopefully one day, our children will continue our family customs and pass them down to their very own.

What are some of your traditions? Do they take place during the holidays? On birthdays? We’d love to hear your ideas! Comment below and tell us about them – we’d love the inspiration!

Happy Friday! Enjoy some fun-filled, family-oriented links:

  1. The sweetest sibling portrait ideas (
  2. DIY Tooth Fairy Box – irresistibly cute and makes for a great keepsake! (
  3. Nesting with Grace does healthy meal prep like a pro! (
  4. This adorable onesie just reminds me of family game nights (nordstrom.com_


  1. My family is so important to me and we do have family traditions of our own. We have old holiday traditions and we love starting new traditions. Every Sunday the entire family comes over for lunch and we catch up on each other’s week, etc. It’s my favorite time of the week.

  2. Birthdays are only for family. When I say family we are talking 30 or more people. It is an all day celebration and everyone has a great time. Something we all look forward to is celebrating all of our birthdays.

  3. What fun ideas! Our family has been kind of the anti-traditionalists as growing up everything circled around tradition! Now one thing that we do together is to see a movie every Thanksgiving!

  4. We really don’t have many family traditions. We use to, but sadly have gotten away from them over the past few years.

  5. I love the tooth fairy box! My daughter just lost her first tooth last week and another one is quite loose. We want to make something special.

  6. I love Christmas family traditions, we always have a glass of egg nog, put the Christmas carols on and set up the tree. So much fun!

  7. I remember when I used to try and have some kind of tradition. It’s been hard though since I separated from my ex. I do try to have regular things to engage in with my daughter.

  8. These are all great family tradition ideas. We always at least once a week get together to watch shows or movies. I love the onies idea but my family would never go for it. Thanks for sharing these traditions.

  9. My life’s priorities are as follows: God, Family, Work. In that Order. We grew up in a closely knit extended family and we had each other’s back. One of our traditions is to for me, my siblings, and our cousins to meet up during Christmas at our grandmother’s house. We enjoy catching up with each other and then we do a Secret Santa. How fun. My husband says we are the noisiest bunch of cousins he’s ever met. Haha.

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