Friday Favorites: Embracing Motherhood

Wrapping up the week by taking a look back on the first month of motherhood

Motherhood may not always be easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing in the world.

Wrapping up the week by taking a look back on the first month of motherhood

As I write this edition of Friday Favorites, I can’t help but feel extremely gushy because it gives me the chance to look back on my first month of motherhood.

Becoming a parent was everything that I expected: lots of cuddles, lots of love, but very little sleep. I can’t deny that I haven’t shed a few tears from new bouts of stress and tiredness. My support system is what keeps me going. I have come to the realization that while advice is well-appreciated, strong opinions shouldn’t effect me because parenting is a learning process. I will do what I feel is right for my family.

To wrap it all up, here are a few things that tickled my fancy this week. I hope you have a great weekend – get some sleep on my behalf!

  1. This bouncer is a must-have and is on my “get-it-now” list.
  2. A beautiful and not-so-over-the-top Harry Potter nursery (Don’t forget to check out Leo’s HP-themed photo shoot!)
  3. Love the simplicity of this nursing top.
  4. It’s almost pedicure time for me… gotta get my hands on this color.



    • Paula,

      Yup, totally agree! Some days are harder than others, but it’s always so gratifying to know that our little ones look up to us!

    • Pam,

      My mom tells me the same! She was so impressed with all of my maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy. Some of the stuff I’ll even be wearing as a non-pregnant woman!

  1. Aw what awesome picks and a Harry Potter nursery? Heck yes! I need a mani and pedi, too lol! We’ve got to treat ourselves well as mommies 🙂

    • Alli,

      I’m really contemplating getting that top. It’s adorable! I just need to shed a few more pounds before being comfortable in clothes. I’m still stuck in my husband’s big t-shirts!

    • Annemarie,

      Yes! Totally priceless – so much love and cuddles. I am totally adoring my experience. My husband and I are already discussing having more and our baby is six weeks old!

  2. I could use several nursing tops! That looks really fabulous, I am at 6 months nursing my little one and so far its been tees and tanks under for it.. could use something new!

  3. Omg a Harry Potter nursery!!!! That would be pretty epic! Hello Kitty was all the rage when my daughter was born so I did a non-cheesy hello kitty theme!

    • CourtneyLynne,

      Hello Kitty was so HUGE when I was in elementary school. I had so much memorabilia – down to Hello Kitty pencils and an alarm clock!

  4. glad you found great products to help all the expecting Mama’s out there… (personally I’m done popping out kids, but it sure does bring back fond memories with your post!)

  5. I’m a polish fanatic, and that polish shade is pretty much perfect all around! Love every day shades that transitions to night stuff too

    • Cynthia,

      My mom tells me the exact same thing! Throughout my pregnancy, she was so impressed by all of the maternity clothes I purchased!

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