Foot Care Basics

3 simple ways to keep your feet looking sandal-ready.

Foot care doesn’t have to be a heinous task. Ensure your feet are sandal-ready with these 3 simple steps.

I am no stranger to procrastination. As much as I like taking care of myself (of course, with a minimalist approach), there are some beauty regimens that tend to fall off my plate.

For a while, my feet came last on my “upkeep” list. In fact, my friends poked fun at me when it took months for me to remove the polish from my wedding pedicure. At that point, I was in the middle of figuring things out career-wise and was setting a higher priority on other tasks.

Summer quickly rolled around and whoopsie-daisy: I realized my footwear consisted of a lot of sandals and peep-toes. I knew right then and there that I needed to make a change.

Now that things are a bit more tame (despite having a baby – but that’s a whole other routine to talk about it), I’ve figured out a 3-step foot care regimen that works. My newly-discovered routine keeps my toes looking healthy, pretty and polished.

Monthly pedicures – As much as I’d love to be pampered on a weekly basis, what’s most realistic for my time and budget is a full-out spa pedicure every 4 weeks. This time frame allows me to easily maintain nail length, cuticle growth and polishes between visits.

3 simple ways to keep your feet looking sandal-ready.

Head-to-toe moisturizing – If I don’t watch out, my feet get very dry. It used to be so bad that my heels looked like the Sahara desert. I was embarrassed to wear sandals because of my cracked and scaly skin. I now make the conscious effort to moisturize on a daily basis, ensuring top to bottom coverage. Currently, I’m loving Honest Company’s Face and Body Lotion in dreamy lavender.

Footwear (indoors and outdoors) – When I was 7 months pregnant, my feet decided to balloon out and retain as much water as possible. I was advised to wear compression socks to tame the swelling. While the socks were a temporary fix, what also helped was wearing a good pair of slippers around the house. For a long time, I was so used to walking around in bare feet. Since my slipper-epiphany, the skin on my feet has stayed consistently softer. I believe it also helped with the swelling going down so quickly after giving birth.

3 simple ways to keep your feet looking sandal-ready.

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