Our Favourite Things: Sunday Riley Oils

Highlighting a sought-after product: Sunday Riley Oils.

Our in-house beauty expert, Dolores, tells us about her favourite product: Sunday Riley Oils.

You guys… it’s happening. It’s *really* happening.

I’ve been toying with the idea of building a team for Fabulous Habits. Finally, it is all coming together.

First, we welcomed Josh, our travel connoisseur. In the last few months, he has taught us some pretty handy things when it comes to our wanderlust game. (Psst: you can see his articles here, here, and here.) It’s been fascinating to learn about the in’s and out’s of the travel industry.

Today, I couldn’t be more proud to introduce one of my best friends, Dolores, who will be our in-house beauty and skincare expert/reviewer.

I met Dolores nearly 10 years ago. We often joke that our common love for Queen, shopping, and Harry Potter is what really kicked off our college friendship. I had always been in awe with Dolores’ makeup game: her application is both graceful and subtle. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was when she decided to hop on board the Fabulous Habits train and talk about something she is so well-versed in.

For her first article, I asked her: “What’s your all-time favourite beauty product? What’s the one thing that you can talk about for hours on end?”

And so here we have it… a few words on Sunday Riley Oils, brought to you by my bestie and your beauty guru, Dolores.

Sunday Riley Oils and everything you want to know. This cult fave has been a hotseller in beauty stores for quite some time and we've got the review on why! #sundayrileyoils

Our Favourite Things: Sunday Riley Oils

Hi everyone! I am really excited to contribute to Fabulous Habits and to share my experiences with makeup and skincare—thank you, Lisa, for welcoming me to the team!

For my first blog post, I wanted share some outstanding products that have been part of my everyday routine for the past few years: Sunday Riley face oils.

Our in-house beauty expert, Dolores, tells us about her favourite product: Sunday Riley Oils.

For starters, here’s a little context about my skin type and experiences with skincare. My skin tends to range from combination in the winter, to straight up oily in the summer heat. I’ve also struggled with acne prone skin throughout my adolescence to adulthood, along with some mild rosacea. To say that I’ve tried a multitude of skincare lines would be an understatement. I’ve tried drugstore to department store and even prescribed products alike—I’ve even been on Accutane, which is just about as extreme as it can get in terms of skincare. While some of the products helped for a period, the Sunday Riley face oils have by far made the biggest difference to my complexion. Whereas I once felt very insecure without the guard of my foundation, I now find myself spending most weekends running errands without it.

Now, I realize that it may seem counterintuitive to apply oils on acne prone skin, but hear me out! What makes Sunday Riley face oils so great?

While Sunday Riley offers a wide line of face oils, the ones that have worked for me include:
– Juno – Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
U.F.O. – Ultra Clarifying Face Oil
– Luna – Sleeping Night Oil

Our in-house beauty expert, Dolores, tells us about her favourite product: Sunday Riley Oils.

{Quality & Results} Sunday Riley face oils are cold-pressed and expertly blended with high quality ingredients, such as antioxidants and vitamins, to cater to a variety of skincare needs. Although my skin tends to be oily, I have found that these products have actually restored some much-needed balance in my skin’s pH and that I actually get less shiny throughout the day. Though, I guess that it is not too surprising, since studies indicate that the skin overcompensates with sebum when under distress. Since using these oils, my face feels hydrated, comfortable and bright, and my acne has also vastly improved. The daytime oils, U.F.O. & Juno, absorb surprisingly quickly in the skin and they don’t compromise my makeup’s longevity throughout the day.
Now, let’s talk about the cost for a moment. I won’t hide the fact that these face oils are a bit expensive. However, I have found that I only replenish them around every eight months, so they feel like an investment. Plus, I feel that I end up spending less on skincare because I don’t use many complimentary products, other than a cream in the colder months.

{Packaging} Sunday Riley face oils come in gorgeous glass components in varying colors, with metallic details, making them beautiful additions to your vanity.

Our in-house beauty expert, Dolores, tells us about her favourite product: Sunday Riley Oils.

{Usage} After cleansing my face, I warm three drops of oil between my palms and apply them to my face and neck. Ideally, you would want to gently pat the product into your skin, though I would be lying if I said that I didn’t just quickly spread it on most days. If you tend to use additional products after cleansing your skin, I recommend that you start from the thinnest to thickest consistencies to ensure proper absorption.

All that being said, do I still sometimes get pimples and blackheads? Of course! Do I ever itch for the occasional facial? Certainly. Though, I still stand by these oils, as they’ve vastly improved my complexion and instilled in me some newfound confidence. (It only took me over ten years and much trial and error to get there!)

Have you ever tried face oils? What have been your experiences with them? What are the skincare products that you swear by?


  1. I have not heard of these Sunday Riley oils and find it interesting in how they work. I am at the point where I don’t like to wear a bunch of make up and usually just mascara. So these oils would be perfect.

  2. Was just thinking to myself in Alaska for days how much my face could use help. It is very dry and it is getting more and more wrinkles. Anything I can help my skin look and feel healthier I am all for it.

  3. I love using facial oils. I’ve never heard of this line but it sounds fantastic. I love how there are different ones to choose from (usually it seems like I find a brand only has one to choose from).

  4. I’ve never tried face oils before. I have combination skin and it tends to be a tad oily for the most part. I do however moisturize daily and think a face oil could be beneficial to keeping my skin feeling nice and soft.

  5. I have not really used a lot of oils for my skin but this seems like something I would love. I have never heard of Sunday Riley and will definitely be looking into them.

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