Fashion Board: A Spring in my Step

There’s a spring in my step, and it’s not because I stubbed my toe. Looking forward to tulips, mild weather, and all the best that spring fashion has to offer.

I’m just throwing some ideas around, but I’m really looking forward to spring. Last May, I found out I was pregnant with Leo, so my wardrobe choices consisted of lots of elastic waists and loose t-shirts.

This year, I’ll be embracing the season change with some bright colors and higher heels. This edition of Fashion Board may be a little broad because for now, I’m just brainstorming. Soon enough, I’ll narrow down my choices to create the perfect capsule wardrobe. Are you as excited as I am?

Celebrating all the spring outfits I'm looking forward to rockin'!

{one} A light coat in a light pink is a win for everyone. (

{two} This season will be all about denim skirts in every shape, wash, and form. (

{three} You can bet that I’ll be sporting a strappy sandal – still loving these Valentino’s and how they transition so well in nearly every season (

{four} A beautiful print on a long dress to maximize the flower-power (


  1. LOL, living in the south, we look forward to WINTER, since we only get to turn the A/C off for one or two months of the year. I think our heat has been on only one night so far. I do love that pink coat!

  2. I love all of these looks because I enjoy changing my look from one day to another. I would sport the hoodie/jeans/sneakers combo when hanging out with my kids. I’d wear the blouse/denim skirt combo to look cute while running errands. The floral dress outfit would be amazing to wear for a day out with my friends.

  3. Look number four, the dress, is probably my favorite of all the examples. I need a few new dresses for spring, but I always have trouble picking them out. I would like to get a few floral patterns for spring and summer.

  4. Aw man as a mom of two young ones I only wear yoga pants and nursing tops. I can’t wait until the kids are older and I get to look semi fashionable! I love the long dress, so comfortable looking but so pretty at the same time!

  5. I am all about the light pink right now! I think it is the perfect color to celebrate spring with. Although now that I see that yellow floral dress I think I have been neglecting the florals in life. I am going to have to look for that dress, I am absolutely in love!

  6. OMgaaawd that maxi dress! I need it. Perfect for all the brunch dates I will be attending this spring haha. But for reals, all the outfits are perfect spring attire. T-minue 4 days until spring. I shall embrace it with heels and bright colors as well.

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