Travel Habits: Disney To-Do List with Toddlers

Enjoy your trip to the max. Here’s our family’s Disney to-do list and how we make every moment magical!

Enjoy your trip to the max. Here’s our family’s Disney to-do list and how we make every moment magical!

When I tell you that I love Disney, I’m really not joking.

I first stepped through its doors (Magic Kingdom, Disney World, to be exact) when I was twelve years old. Everything about it was jaw-dropping: the ambiance, the food, even the air felt different. Stepping through its doors, I felt like there was this magical energy, ready to make me the happiest kid on Earth.

Fast forward two decades later, Disney has remained a huge part of my life. Since that first trip, I’ve been visiting on a regular basis: mainly with girlfriends and my sister.

The moment I became a mom, I knew that trips to Disney parks were something we had to do as a family. Luckily, Joe was keen on the idea, too. So as new parents, we tackled Disney World with our little one – who, at the time, just entered the early phases of toddlerhood.

Enjoy your trip to the max. Here’s our family’s Disney to-do list and how we make every moment magical!

I remember the reactions: “He won’t even remember anything!” “Really? Is it worth it?”

Yes and yes.

But you know what? This is what creating memories is all about. It’s the idea of looking back on certain events, milestones, and travels, and having stories to tell.

So here’s how we do Disney as a young family:

Our Family’s Disney To-Do List with Toddlers

Going to Disney with toddlers is tons of fun! No need to be nervous! Your little ones will enjoy it and there are so many things to do! Here are our best tips for taking a toddler to Walt Disney World! #disneyvacation

Pack Light

When Leo was first born, I carried around a huge diaper bag to make sure I had everything on me. Call me a “new mom” (which is exactly what I am), but I wanted to make sure that I was “readily prepared” – and yes, guilty as charged, I overpacked.

When we were prepping for our Disney trip, I decided to downsize. I bought a backpack where I could fit only the essentials for a day at the park. I even picked up a small umbrella stroller to make things feel less bulky (and it was perfect for checking-in at the airport).

Make Those Memories!

Take full advantage of the PhotoPass service in Disney Parks. After all, you’ll want to photograph every single moment possible, right?!

Disney PhotoPass is a professional photography service in Disney parks and resorts. Photographers are spread out throughout the premise and you can get your photo taken in prime spots!

I have always loved doing this because it allowed me to enjoy the parks without having to carry around a bulky camera.

Enjoy your trip to the max. Here’s our family’s Disney to-do list and how we make every moment magical!

The Magic of Bubbles

The Mickey Mouse Glowing Bubble Wand is the ultimate souvenir for your little one. As soon as we entered the park, we saw so many kids running around with one.

I couldn’t help but pick up a wand for Leo. It was his first time really discovering bubbles and he had a blast! Also, because they glow, they’re great at nighttime during the fireworks show.

Character Dining

Now, this one could be a hit or miss. Some kids love mascots and characters while others are terrified.

I highly recommend trying one out, so add it on your Disney to-do list! Character dining is the epitome of Disney meals. You’ll create great memories and dine on delicious grub (P.S. I have a picture of Leo crying next to Eeyore – a snapshot I’m sure he’ll appreciate when I show it to his future girlfriend).

Our Favorite Rides

Of course, rides can feel limited when you’re travelling with an ultra little one. But leave it up to Disney to have the best ones for any age.

The ones we frequented (thanks, FastPass!) were:

  • It’s a Small World – Magic Kingdom
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant- Magic Kingdom
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Magic Kingdom
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Epcot

Enjoy your trip to the max. Here’s our family’s Disney to-do list and how we make every moment magical!

Have you ever tackled Disney with a toddler? What was your experience like?

Here are our tips in enjoying Walt Disney World to the fullest - even with a young toddler! You'll find that there are tons of things to do... even with the little ones! #disneyvacation


  1. When my kiddos were small I used to pack a wet washcloth in a bag to help cool off the kiddos when it was hot! Since you can grab ice and ice water for free anywhere I would pour it on the cloth and let the kids wipe themselves down with it! It really helped a lot.

  2. This is such a great quality time and the best ever bonding together as family or even the a dream come true to experience the world of fantasy in Disney World .

  3. Thanks for these tips! I could really use it. We will be going to Disney next year with a 2 toddlers. Good luck to us. Haha!

  4. Great tips! Pooh was our boys’ first ever Magic Kingdom ride when they were a toddler and a preschooler. We still have to hit that one every time we go and we’re moving into the teen years!

  5. This brings back memories! I was about the same age as you said you were when my family went to Disney World. I was the oldest of four – my siblings were about 10, 8, and 2. I remember it was quite the chore for my parents, and me as the oldest child, to keep track of my 2-year-old brother! Unfortunately, after having my own kids, we were never able to visit Disney again. I’m hoping my kids who now have their own children might be able to go some day.

  6. Awesome list! I totally agree with packing light, I’d rather have to pay for lunch then have to schlep it around all day. I also love character dining (but agree it can be hit or miss with toddlers) I love that it saves hours of wait time in the sun waiting for pictures and autographs 🙂

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