Autumn 2017: A Much-Needed (but no pressure) To-Do List

A carefree, no pressure to-do list for this autumn

Setting myself a to-do list with no pressure and no expectations.

I sit in my chair and realize that September has already come around. Peek-a-boo! Make way for fallen leaves, pumpkin spice, and ankle-high suede boots.

I figured the perfect “welcome to Fall” post would entail of fashion must-haves. I took to the computer for some much-needed research only to find myself lacking any sort of inspiration. Yeah, there are definitely things on my “want” list, but I wanted to go a bit further.

To-do lists give us a sense of ownership and accomplishment. I create one nearly everyday. Between household chores and nutritional goals, I feel incredibly satisfied after crossing off each item one-by-one.

The following goals, however, will be different.

Ladies and gents, here is my Autumn 2017 to-do list. Or you know, let’s make it a “I-will-try-and-do-it-and-if-not-it’s-really-no-big-deal list.”

A carefree, no pressure to-do list for this autumn

Okay, so it’s not too long. But remember: no pressure. Here’s to a fun, successful, and leaf-crunching Fall season.

What will you all be up to?


  1. My TO DO list is an on going list where I mark off what I get done and add to it as I need or desire. I love lists!! I agree NO PRESSURE! When the time is right things happen!

  2. Your fall to-do list sounds very similar to mine!! I just did a major clean out of my closet and now I am ready to restock with some new fall items I have been dying to purchase!!

  3. There is nothing better than fall foliage! I love apple and pumpkin picking too. So much fun – and the weather getting cooler is very exciting! Love your list!

  4. I haven’t created my to-do list for fall yet, but it will also include taking as many walks before it gets so cold out there. We did more than 7km of walking last week and it felt so good.

  5. Part of the joy of living where we do is every drive is a great color tour! I’m also a fan of experiments with spiced cider and various boozes.

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