Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

Celebrating Wednesday with some good food and good company.

Now that our wedding date is quickly approaching, Joe and I have been overbooked with appointments and meetings. From floral arrangements to (very long) lists of song requests, we needed to wind down and enjoy one of our evenings this week.

It comes to no surprise that we spent a beautiful evening on the terrace of Duc de Lorraine, basking in some fresh, Montreal summer weather (or at least what’s left of it) while munching on their delicious cheese platter and sipping on champagne.

Happy mid-week!

Color Therapy

The soothing effects of color therapyThis year, there’s been a huge “boom” with what’s been commonly referred to as “adult coloring books.” Word on the street is that people have been engrossed in pages of black and white images (many of which are originally hand-drawn) and the books are known to be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing to color-in. Of course, I decided to give them a try (they’re also known as mandalas, and have actually been around for a very long time) to see what they were all about.

I picked up a copy of Secret Paris and absolutely adored it. The idea of beautifully drawn landscapes and still-life images that incorporate elements of the Parisian culture was just so appealing to me. It also features pages that are very mandala-like, with patterns of shapes and lines that are extremely relaxing to fill in.

You can purchase copies here and there are other cities to explore in the same series.

The soothing effects of color therapy The soothing effects of color therapy The soothing effects of color therapy

Brenton Barrow Photography

Brenton Barrow Photography

It is with great excitement that I announce Fabulous Habits’ collaboration with Brenton Barrow Photography.

I first talked about Brenton on this blog when I made a round-up of my favorite Instagram accounts. What many people don’t know is that Brenton and I are actually very close friends (and have been for years). We’re both from the same small town so we would spend long bus rides together, going back and forth to attend school and our part-time jobs.

Brenton has a natural eye for photography and I’ve always recognized his artistic potential. When he announced the launch of his website, I was more than thrilled. But then, when he suggested we work together, I was not only honored, but the amount of project ideas that came to my mind were endless and so they nearly spilled out of my ears.

Brenton’s impressive work can hardly be described with words. He captures the beauty in nearly everything he sees. Keep your eyes open for our collaboration: my take on outfits and his beautiful photography are now coming together for this new and exciting project.

 “Everyday, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, we often take what we see for granted so why not capture it.”
– Brenton Barrow

Brenton Barrow Photography Brenton Barrow Photography

Fashion Board: Sunglasses

Fashion Board: Sunglasses

Accessorizing is that touch of “fun” when putting an outfit together. From jewelry to watches down to clutches and purses: the sky’s the limit when it comes to layering and playing endless games of mix-and-match.

Of course, I could never do without a pair of sunnies (especially in the summer) to tie up my entire look. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites:

Fashion Board: Sunglasses{one} This year, I have fallen in love with the colored lenses trend – and there’s just something about a pair of blue mirrored aviators to use as a staple accessory in nearly every outfit (

{two} Ultra round for a vintage feel (

{three} Loving the idea of a tortoise frame (

{four} Cat eyes for a classic and feminine feel (

Fashion Board: Denim on Denim

Fashion Board: Denim on DenimI’ve always had a weakness for chambray shirts and denim. Jean jackets and jean shorts are so easy to incorporate into casual outfits. While I love mixing materials, I also love the trend of layering denim on denim. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks:

Fashion Board: Denim on Denim

{one} A beige coat to break off head-to-toe denim (

{two} Sneak in a fur vest to add some dimension to your all-jean outfit (

{three} A denim pencil skirt for an alternative “casual Friday” look at the office (

{four} A pair of crisp, white jeans to break free from the classic blue (

Mixed Materials

Mixing it up with various materials for today's outfit

I’m always one for incorporating different textures into my outfits. Now, don’t get me wrong: sometimes slipping into an all-cotton t-shirt dress is just so relieving and the best way to live through summer heat-waves. But whenever I have the chance to mix materials, I’m all up for it.

When I woke up last Sunday morning, the skies were grey and the weather was a little muggy. Joe and I were planning to go out for our usual Sunday brunch so I whipped out my faux-leather leggings (and I was stoked because I hadn’t been able to wear them lately) and put on my favorite jean jacket to complete the look.

Mixing it up with various materials for today's outfit Mixing it up with various materials for today's outfit

My Trusty Tory Burch Crossbody Bag

Whether I’m running errands or spending a day with friends, I try my best to only carry the bare minimum in my purse. There’s just something about being hands-free and not suffering the weight on my shoulders (literally) with a large tote that only enables me to lug around more items than I actually need.

Tory Burch for the win - in all fashion aspects

  1. My go-to summer cross-body bag by Tory Burch
  2. Basically, the only colorI’ve been wearing all season
  3. My trusty iPod
  4. wristlet instead of carrying around a bulky wallet
  5. My phone

Simple Summer Frappés

A cupful of deliciousness!

Having so many friends of Greek decent, I feel like it’s been eons since I was first introduced to “frappés.” Frappés are a simple yet delicious drink, made up of mainly ice, milk, and coffee. I love it in the summertime for its convenience (preparation is a snap) and because it seems to cool me down almost immediately.

Here’s my version of it:

Step 1. Put one heaping teaspoon of instant coffee (I prefer Nescafé), two teaspoons of sugar, and 3 ounces of water in a cup. Use a handblender to mix (only for a few seconds) until it’s frothy and lightly colored

Step 2. Pour the mix over half a glass of ice. Add 2% milk and garnish with brown sugar

A cupful of deliciousness!

Breakfast at Duc de Lorraine

Enjoying breakfast at my favorite bakery.

I am a huge fan of breakfast. Go on, I dare you to serve me pancakes at any time of the day. I promise I’ll become your new best friend.

I am always so indecisive when I sit down at a restaurant for Sunday brunch. My taste buds take over all of my other senses, and I crave every single item on the menu.

I’m never disappointed when I go to Duc de Lorraine because their line of pastries pair so well with their hefty breakfast dishes. I always go for their salmon platters (they can put it on a croissant, a baguette, or serve it as an omelette) and take a chocolate croissant on the side. My cravings are always satisfied in that bakery: no wonder it’s become my favorite.

Enjoying breakfast at my favorite bakery. Enjoying breakfast at my favorite bakery. Enjoying breakfast at my favorite bakery.

Wedding Invitations

The in's and out's of wedding invitations: when to write, when to send and how to make them look fabulous!

When I handed my girlfriend our wedding invitation, she smiled and stated: “Lisa… this is it. I feel like it’s so much more official when the invitations are finally distributed.”

Joe and I had so much fun putting together our invitations and RSVP cards. It was a bit of a struggle because we were deciding on whether we would pull a DIY, or purchasing pre-made ones (we ended up ordering the invitations from Invitations by Dawn and making our own RSVP cards).

Here are a few tips and tricks that I learned during this part of our wedding preparation:

Explore different styles and layouts
What catches your eye most? Think of styles that would best suit your needs (for example, pocket invitations are convenient to put everything together: from the invitation, to the RSVP card, and a directions/accommodations card). Joe and I opted for a laser-cut and kraft-paper style because, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for intricate design and detail.

Start using your wedding’s color theme
Invitations could be one of your first opportunities to use your wedding’s color theme. The sky is the limit when it comes to color options on card stock, lettering, and envelopes. This gives you a chance to showcase your theme even before guests attend the wedding.

Make sure to mention the right people
Bettie Bradley, author of The Wedding Expert, dedicates an entire portion of her book on invitation formalities. For example, we made sure to mention our parents on our cards because they will be helping us fund and organize the wedding.

Wording is everything
There are ways to politely address specifications on your invitation. For instance, we had to express how we had limited space for invitees and that we couldn’t accommodate for every guest to have a “plus one.” We simply put how many seats we would be reserving in each of our guests’ honor.

Explore your options and have fun with the details
We made sure to get inner and outer envelopes for our invitations (some wedding planners agree that inner envelopes aren’t necessary if the wedding isn’t too formal). Because of the weight and thickness of our cards, the inner envelope was ideal to make the entire package look smooth and sleek. Also, we made sure to purchase a wax-and-seal stamp, because we loved the nostalgic feel it gave (it’s also great to have for other occasions like thank-you cards and birthday cards).

The in's and out's of wedding invitations: when to write, when to send and how to make them look fabulous! The in's and out's of wedding invitations: when to write, when to send and how to make them look fabulous! The in's and out's of wedding invitations: when to write, when to send and how to make them look fabulous!

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