3 Ways to Approach Self-Care (And my Book Review for Fitness Junkie)

Taking away some valuable lessons in self-care from my first read of 2019.

Reviewing Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes' novel 'Fitness Junkie' and taking away some valuable lessons on how to approach self-care

Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes strike again!

I approached the new year with a list of exciting goals. One of them was getting back to reading. Pre-motherhood, I used to read a total of 50 books per year. For obvious reasons, my routine and schedule have since changed, and so for 2019, I dedicated myself to reading one novel a month.

To kick off the new year, I opted for Fitness Junkie by Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes. A few years ago, I read The Knockoff, written by the same dynamic duo. It was one of my most entertaining reads of that year, so I just knew that I’d be diggin’ their newest write-up.

New year’s resolutions are always about getting fit, getting healthy, and eating better. I decided to pick up The Fitness Junkie for Piazza and Sykes’ satirical tale on the wellness industry.

Our protagonist, Janey Sweet, is CEO of a couture wedding dress company. When her business partner and lifelong friend, Beau, decides to write her-off for packing-on too many pounds, it’s a spiralling whirlwind for Janey. How could her best friend do this? How could he put on an ultimatum to her career – the very brand that she helped make so successful?

From there, Janey throws herself into the modern fitness world: and she’s in for a ride.

From boot camp workouts to overpriced smoothie bars, dumpster diving to eating clay: I am so thrilled that I chose The Fitness Junkie as my first read of the year.

Reviewing Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes' novel 'Fitness Junkie' and taking away some valuable lessons on how to approach self-care

Even through its witty humour, this page-turner allowed me to reflect on a few things. How do I define self-care? How do I approach it? Here are my thoughts:

3 Ways to Approach Self-Care

I approach self-care very carefully. Self-care is so important for any busy mom to apply - and psst: this is how I incorporate reading into my daily self-care routine! #selfcare

Figure Out Your Routine

I’m all about routines. I believe that finding consistency for certain daily tasks helps a lot with keeping sane and staying committed. For instance, my daytime and nighttime skin routine is something that I follow day in and day out. It’s a few minutes in my schedule where I can feel pampered and fresh.

Moreover, I make sure to put my phone away before bedtime and read a good book instead. It keeps me on track for my yearly reading challenge and it feels great to disconnect for that portion of my evening. (Psst: you can read more of my tips on how to read more here – in full detail!)

Stay Positive

…and cut yourself some slack. Just because you strayed off your diet or skimped out on your weekly facial, doesn’t make you a bad person.

In fact, be aware of all the things you accomplished in the week, rather than focusing on what stressed you out.

Reviewing Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes' novel 'Fitness Junkie' and taking away some valuable lessons on how to approach self-care

Pick Out the Weeds

I think self-care has a lot to do with who surrounds us: our friends, our inner circles… our peers. In Fitness Junkie, Janey learns a lot of valuable lessons on love and friendship.

Is your team always rooting for you? Or, do they make you feel down? What kind of energy do they bring to the table?

Take a step back and think about the people you interact with on the daily. If cutting ties with an unhealthy relationship means less stress for you, then it’s time to let go.

How do you approach self-care? Have you been reading lots for the new year?

Approaching self-care and incorporating reading into the mix! Come on mamas, we all deserve to sit back and enjoy a good book! #selfcare


  1. You know, I had a great routine going and then I accepted a new job with all kinds of screwy hours and it threw me. I am working on finding a new one.

  2. I need to sit down and chose what is the most important in my life and get up and make things happen because I had goals and failed at them.But there is still time to put there into action.

  3. I have to admit I do struggle with self care it is something I need to do better with and am slowly trying to work on. The book sounds really interesting as well, I think I’m going to have to check that out.

  4. I’m happy to say that my routine is going pretty good. I worked out every day during my vacation last week at the same time I work out at home. I’m still in vacay mood so getting back to work today was a little difficult but I’m doing it.

  5. These are also really great tips about self-care. I am definitely pay attention to what I eat more often now. I think that you can still have fun when you eat but in moderation.

  6. Keeping the right kinds of people around is so important for self care. You don’t want to constantly be around people who drag you down.

  7. This looks really good! I’ll have to check it out. Reading more is one of my 2019 resolutions, too. And so far so good! It really is SO much harder after kids!

  8. These are really great tips! I have recently read a book called “The Power of Habit” and it was such a game changer and basically summed up everything you said in this post

  9. Those are important tips! I haven’t figured out my routine, but I am pretty positive and I don’t have a lot of negative people in my life.

  10. You are 100% right with picking out the weeds. I feel so bad when I have to end a friendship, but honestly I know it is the best way to practice self care. NO more negativity!

  11. These are great tips and getting in a routine is super important. I was in a great routine getting on the treadmill 4 days a week, but I sprained my leg and now I’m in a boot so I can’t do it now, which really sucks. I will have to wait and hopefully, I can get myself back into the routine once I’ve healed. This book sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Self-care is SO important!!!

  12. This book sounds like it something right up my alley! I’ve been looking for a satire and am also really interested in fitness-y books. I will have to check it out!

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