5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for those who are coupled off? Come on now: spoil yourself.

Because Valentine's is not just for couples - treat yourself!
Lucky for me, I received Viva La Juicy to test out and review – all opinions are 100% my own.

I was always one who loved V-Day… single or not. I remember one year, my best friend and I went all out for our February 14th celebrations. Our evening was complete with gifts, dinner, and of course, a clichéd movie.

This year, I wanted to talk about something else. Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or even Singles’ Day… I’ve heard so many variations for this heart-filled holiday. I get that some people can feel really awkward or bitter when it rolls around. I mean, come on, it’s commemorating people who are hopelessly and profusely in love. I’ve been on both sides, and I totally get how it can suck (or be sad) for some.

This year, I wanted to focus on the importance of self-love. During a day where people are celebrating romance and togetherness, why not show yourself some appreciation? I think one of the most important milestone’s in life is getting to know yourself. Give yourself a chance to build your confidence and sureness. Know what you want, what you like, and what you don’t like… know that you can make choices for yourself.

So this year’s Valentine’s post will be an ode to ourselves… to be the best selves we can possibly be.

5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Relax & Unwind
I can never say “no” to a day at the spa. That’s my way of unwinding.

Find yourself some time to just kick back and relax. Turn off your phone for a few hours. Disconnect and take a well-deserved nap. Perhaps a bubble bath complete with a glass of champagne to top off the night? Why the heck not?!

Shopping Spree
Okay, so you’ve been good… like, really good with your expenditures. Why not go for those pair of shoes you spotted last week? Maybe there’s a piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to splurge on? Whether your budget is high or low, go ahead and treat yourself to that item you’ve been longing for.

What Diet?
Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to indulge in chocolate. Go to any grocery store and you can find them left, right, and centre. Skip out on the strict regimen for one day… go in for the sweets!

Find Your Signature Scent
Because Valentine's is not just for couples - treat yourself!

Perfume is a great way to feel dressed-up and put-together. Make your Valentine’s Day treat a luscious one with a new signature scent.

When I heard that Juicy Couture was coming out with a new perfume for 2018, I was eager to see what it would be like. I always loved their products, so I had no doubt that their upcoming scent would be a great one.

Once I got a bottle of the highly-anticipated Viva La Juicy Soirée in my hands, I was impressed with what I was smelling. With notes of pink kiwi and sparkling mandarin, it was without a doubt that Juicy had included their signature fruity scents.

Because Valentine's is not just for couples - treat yourself! Because Valentine's is not just for couples - treat yourself!

Getting a bottle of Juicy’s newest perfume really took me back to when I first starting sporting their brand. I felt nostalgic when I spritzed it on… so much that I and even dusted off my Juicy charm bracelet from high school. What I especially loved about Soirée was the dry wood undertones. The perfume was exactly what I expected from Juicy at this stage in my life: the nostalgia of their sweetness but a little musk to boast a romantic and more serious scent.

Because Valentine's is not just for couples - treat yourself!

Take-Out/Eat Out
Give yourself a break: no need to do the dishes tonight. Why not order in or treat yourself to your fave restaurant?

I hope you all find time to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year… no matter how you celebrate. What are your plans for the upcoming festivities?


  1. This is such a pretty bottle! I need to find a scent I really enjoy. I plan on stuffing my face with chocolate on Valentine’s Day and curling up with a good book.

  2. A day of shopping sounds like the ultimate way to spend Valentine’s Day. Finish it off with a date night and I’m all in. I think I’ll throw a couple of hints towards my husband.

  3. Oh I am definitely all for spoiling myself! There are days that I do just things for myself because let’s face it you’re a better person if you are relaxed. I know I become he better mother when I have a little time to myself.

  4. I didn’t know Juicy Couture had released a new fragrance. Adding Viva La Juicy Soirée to my wishlist. Every day is a day to celebrate the beauty of oneself and no one knows we like better than we do so why not gift yourself with stuff you like.

  5. The best Valentine’s gift for me would be some down time at home without any distractions and interruptions. Lol. I think self care is very important and these are awesome ways to do that on Valentine’s day.

  6. I love the idea of spoiling yourself on Valentines day! I always feel guilt purchasing things for myself but a little gift for me would be nice.

  7. I love treating myself for Valentine’s DY. I wait until the day after and then go out and buy a bunch of half priced chocolate.

  8. I agree! There’s no need to be a hermit on Valentines Day because you aren’t in a relationship. In fact my husband and I are doing nothing…and guess what, we are totally okay with that. We don’t need to do things on a specific day to show our love for one another. We do plan on buying each other bikes to ride the trails near us, but no fancy dinner. Just a card, some candy and some new bikes.

  9. Yes! It’s all about treating yourself. Hope you enjoy the day, however you want to call it! We’ll be out of the country, which has become a tradition for us since we take advantage of the free day off for Presidents Day.

  10. I’m totally with you on celebrating self love this Valentine’s day! I mean, no one ever said no to a shopping spree, right?

  11. Valentine’s day would be a day to celebrate with our loved ones, but we must not forget to love ourselves too. A little pampering would really go a long way!

  12. I am focusing on Galentine’s Day this year and excited to be celebrating my fellow women but throwing in some self love and care in there too. Love your ideas

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