5 Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

Your wanderlust game might be strong… but is your yawning from jet lag even stronger? Here are 5 ways to beat it.

Though your wanderlust might be strong, is your tiredness from jet lag even stronger? Here are 5 ways to avoid it.

With springtime finally rolling around, Joe and I are excited to start planning our family vacations. Growing up, the both of us were lucky enough to travel during summer breaks. Naturally, we want to offer the same type of experience for Leo.

I remember coming back from my first trip to Asia (I went to visit family in the Philippines… for the first time I ever. I was 23 years old). Upon my return, my jet lag was out of control. I remember the uncontrollable sleepiness as I sat at my desk job. Even taking a week off to rest just didn’t cut it.

I decided it was time to give you the top tips in avoiding that funky, jet-lag feeling. Of course, I couldn’t ask anyone but my travel consultant, Josh Mark to give his professional advice:

5 Ways to Avoid Jet Lag with Josh Mark, Expedia Cruise Ship Travel Consultant

{one} Try to get a good night’s sleep before you travel — you are about to take your body into battle and the best defence is rest. The adjustment will be a lot easier if you’re rested.

{two} If possible, avoid landing at night — by arriving during the day, you have daylight to help keep you awake for as long as possible on the first day. This way, you’ll be forcing your body onto your new routine of waking/sleeping hours.

Though your wanderlust might be strong, is your tiredness from jet lag even stronger? Here are 5 ways to avoid it.

{three} Avoid stimulants and depressants — this includes sleeping pills, alcohol and caffeinated products. By consuming alcohol and coffee, you will further dehydrate yourself, and the sleeping pills will leave you super groggy upon arrival.

{four} Keep on moving while in-flight — by doing so, you’ll keep your blood circulating and you feeling better.

{five} Take a cruise through the timezones — I half say this in jest, but the truth is, gradually crossing timezones. Setting the clocks ahead or backward by only one hour per night will make the adjustment much easier, plus you get to make an epic vacation out of it!

What are your travel tips and tricks? Going on vacation soon? Got questions? Josh and I would love to help – let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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  1. Ugh jetlag is so tough. Usually, I just keep moving when we get there. We took our daughter to Alaska in the fall. Our flight got there late at night. Depsite being 4 hours behind, she did really really well. We were impressed!

  2. Jet lag is the worst. I am one of those people who needs a lot of sleep and it usually hits me when I get home. I love all of your tips.

  3. Jet lag always hits me hard about two days after arriving. I never get a good nights sleep the night before. To excited or maybe just to worried about making all my flights.

  4. I don’t like getting jet lag even though I love to travel. My biggest issue is drinking way too much coffee and when exhaustion finally hits, I hit rock bottom. I’ve got to stop doing that.

  5. These sound like some awesome tips, I have to admit I suffer from awful jet lag no matter the time change, my body just doesn’t cope well at all so I will have to try these ideas.

  6. I love tip number 4 and I used to notice that if I moved more in flight between movies and sleep I used to beat jetlag quite well that when I sat down all through the long flights.

  7. Jet lag is no fun. We took a trip to Europe and the flight is very long. With the time change and the flight it takes time to get back to a normal, however it was worth it all!!

  8. I usually get jetlagged on my way back. I think I could sleep for a week after I get off the plane. I have a very hard time sleeping on planes so when I get somewhere I am typically always tired LOL. We are traveling this summer and I cannot wait to see how we do.

  9. I wish I have read this a long time ago, I hate traveling abroad because of jet-lag. I used to go back home at least every other year but the hours of flight and stop over kinda killing my excitement and takes a lot of my energy.

  10. These are good tips. I remember the worst jetlag I ever had, we landed during the day but it took 2 days to get there. There was no helping that.

  11. I’ve yet to unpack from last week’s flight. I mean why bother when I’ll be packing in a week for a cruise. Seriously though I hate packing but I loathe unpacking even more.

  12. Great tips. I fly from Michigan to California a couple of times a year, and it’s the trip home that gets me every time. Sometimes for days.

  13. I am still recovering from the time change (daylight savings), so I think I would have a tough time with jet lag. We haven’t traveled much since having kids, and only within an hour of our time zone.

  14. I don’t usually have this issue because I easily fall asleep out of feeling tired. But these are great tips especially when you’re traveling to a place with a completely opposite timezone!

  15. I liked these ideas because being jet lagged on vacation will spoil it. I like the idea of staying with sunlight and having that keep you awake the first days. I will remember these for my next long trip.

  16. Jet lag can be the worst feeling, especially when you arrive withing a couple of hours of an event taking place. I may have to change from that cup or 2 of coffee on a flight, and opt for water. Sometimes moving during a flight can be a challenge.

  17. If my trip is a vacation, I tend to sleep better the night before. If it’s business, I tend to wake up a couple of times during the night, wondering if I packed everything I need for the business aspect of the trip, even though I made a detailed list. I’ve tried staying up part of the night when catching an early flight, thinking, “I’ll just sleep on the plane”. Epic. Fail

  18. Jet lag is terrible! I’ve found it puts a damper on vacations and being able to function at an event. I am all for getting a good nights sleep. I have always tried booking flights for daytime arrivals, but not because of jet-lag, but that makes a lot of sense!

  19. Jet lag is definitely the pits! Finding a way to get over it is what I have always strived for and these are some great ideas.

  20. Jetlag is definitely no fun at all! When it comes to packing, I roll my clothes. Not only does it prevent major wrinkling, but I seem to be able to fit more items in my luggage that way!

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