5 of my Favorite Home Offices

Five stylish home offices to draw inspiration from.

More and more families are incorporating home offices into their humble abodes. Here are a few of my favorites.

Joe and I are finally getting ready to purchase our first home. Since we’re just in the early stages, our planning is stress-free and inspiring. We’re scouring Pinterest for our dream kitchens, making lists of must-have’s and can’t-live-without’s… everything is all so exciting.

One thing’s for sure: a home office is a definite ‘need’ for the both of us. We decided that any extra space will be devoted to our home offices and we will make it beautiful, functional and family-friendly (especially since we have our baby boy to accommodate).

I found five home offices that each have unique elements to them. Which one is your fave?

Five stylish home offices to draw inspiration from.

one – Love that the bulk of this office is made up of IKEA furniture. Great way to economize and have everything tie in together.

twoSimplicity and minimalistic: these are my ultimate home-office goals.

three – Totally appreciate the geometric touches to this space. It adds a modern feel without going overboard.

four – The way this office is organized is a blogger’s wish come true.

five – The idea of a wall-sized chalk board is fantastic: it’ll keep Leo entertained for hours!

Five stylish home offices to draw inspiration from.


  1. I need to get my home office in some sort of order. My desk is small so I have papers everywhere. We are redoing the walls so as soon as that is done I will get this place into where it should be.

  2. They are so inspiring. I don’t think mine is much to look at, in terms of organization and decor (unless you love preschool artwork on the walls?) but I have a loft office that overlooks four acres of woods and clearing. So there is that!! I really need to up the ante with it looking better, instead of just looking at a great view.

  3. If we were to eventually set up a home office in our house, some of these ideas would certainly help. We’ve never been ones to have a space that’s our own, for work and such. I’ve mainly worked outside the home, and my wife works from home exclusively.

  4. I love my home office but I struggle with keeping it tidy. There are currently boxes everywhere. Nonetheless I love being able to work from home the commute is the best.

  5. My home office looks like a business office. I would certainly like to dress it up a bit more and make it feel more homey. That will be one of my goals this year!

  6. I like simple home offices because they tend to be too cluttered but #2 is a little too simple for me. I would go for #1… Simple but has enough organization accessories to keep everything neat!

  7. I love seeing what other people have done with their home office. I’m working on mine right now and I could scroll through ideas for ages, lol. Pinterest is a black hole for me right now.

  8. I loved my home office and then I had to give the room to a family member that moved in with us. Now that they are no longer here, I plan to redecorate the room and make it mine own again over the summer. I really miss having that space.

  9. All of the looks are so inspiring. I love that they’re colorful, clean and bright. All are a must for me .. because I spend so much time in my home office. The simple and minimalistic approach would probably characterize my space the best. Too much clutter makes me crazy!

  10. I really like the pillows in example number 3. I wish that I had a dedicated office space. I just work around the house wherever I can find room!

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