4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Correspondence

Doing things the traditional way with correspondence through snail mail!

Basking in the beauty of snail mail.

Ever since we announced our engagement, Joe and I have since been sending snail mail more than usual. First there were the wedding invitations, then the thank you notes, then the baby announcement… It seems that starting a family means neverending correspondence – and I absolutely adore it.

I’m in a business that communicates primarily through email, chats, and video conferences. It’s nice to be able to put together beautiful correspondence every once in a while.

And so to answer your question, no folks, snail mail is not dead. I don’t know about you, but there’s just that special feeling when you receive an actual, physical letter in your mailbox.

Doing things the traditional way with correspondence through snail mail!

Here are 4 ways to spruce up your correspondence:

Handwritten Element
Sending something handwritten  gives your correspondence that special touch. Pen to paper holds such meaningful value: I love looking back on old greeting cards and seeing the penmanship of those I love.

Family Address Labels
Yes, handwriting is beautiful for your “snail mail,” but I love the idea of pre-made mailing labels. They make your life that much easier, especially when you’re sending in bulk (invitations, thank you notes, etc.).

Personalized Stationary
I once received a letter that was written on personalized stationary and thought, “Yes. This is something I’ll get done once I have a family of my own.” It gives you a chance to come up with your own family emblem or coat of arms.

Your Personal Touch
What’s your signature touch? And no, I don’t mean when you sign off with your name in bold, cursive letters. Add something to your mail that’ll have others say, “Ah yes, they do this all the time.” Joe and I always use wax seals as a finishing touch to our correspondence.

Doing things the traditional way with correspondence through snail mail!

Doing things the traditional way with correspondence through snail mail!

Comment below and let us know how you communicate with your loved ones!

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  1. I love getting mail, but I have to admit that I haven’t sent a letter in probably 20 years. I should get back to it.

  2. The art of sending a letter has really been lost in this day of instant gratification with texting. It is nice to receive a letter and it shows that extra effort was involved.

  3. Personalized stationery is always a nice touch. It really shows that you put thought into your correspondence, even if it’s just a note to say hi.

  4. These are such great ideas! I still send letter from time to time especially to my grandmother and special stationary makes it more meaningful. I think she is excited to see fancy envelopes addressed to her. I will have to spruce up my letters to her.

  5. Snail mail and hand written letters are the best! It’s awesome that you are still doing that. It’s always nice to receive one in the mail. All that effort and care to send a person mail is just lovely.

  6. I loved personalized stationery! I have always wanted to have one made, but never did get a chance to do so. The wax seals are awesome. I would love to go back to letter writing. It is indeed, more touching and more special to receive a hand written letter.

  7. Wow, it is so nice and It makes me want to write I love personalized stationary back then when I was a teenager.

  8. I used to have a wax seal that I loved to use! I would send notes and cards to be best friends and siblings 🙂 Its definitely a great way to add a little flare!

  9. Totally a fan of snail mail and handwritten letters! They’re just more personal and you know that people put more effort in them. I think it’s nice to have a wax stamp, it’s becoming a trend lately and I love that it’s getting a lot of attention.

  10. There is a service I am subscribed to, I pay monthly fee for the service, (you can liken it to netflix), anyway, I just use the service and I don’t even remember the charges on my card cos the fee is minimal.

    Last december, I got a hand written letter from the CEO of the company, thanking me for using their service. In a way i felt some emotion attached to the letter as compared to having a mass email message.

    So, yes… the tips shared in this post are good ones to spice things up, especially when emails are replacing regular mails.

  11. I am a fan of stationary and I enjoy a good snail mail! It is more personal and I still get excited but I think I want to start using wax seals too!

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