Travel Habits: 3 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Easy ways to save money for your next vacation - because we all deserve a little getaway.

Going on vacation isn’t always easy on the wallet. Here are three easy ways to save money for your next getaway (so pack your bags!).

When I first introduced Josh, my expert travel consultant, he talked about the importance of packing your carry-on luggage. Today, he’s here to talk about setting straightforward goals to be financially ready for your next trip.

Picking up and leaving for vacation isn’t always easy. Planning and budgeting must be taken into consideration. How much time off do you get from work? What will it cost for the entire family to go? What do we do with our pets?

Lucky for us, Josh set up a realistic savings plan: watch your change grow into your next holiday! Here we go!

Josh Mark, Travel Consultant: 3 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Easy ways to save money for your next vacation - because we all deserve a little getaway.


  • The first way is to find yourself a large jar for your savings. Mark 1-52 on the jar (for each week of the year) and make your weekly deposit. Week 1 is $1, week 2 is $2 all the way until you make week 52’s deposit of $52. At the end of the year, you’ll have a jar worth $1378.
  • Since I never have money on me (unless I deliberately go the the ATM) I prefer a more aggressive way to work the weekly jar. I’ve marker 1-52 on it again, and for weeks 1-20, I deposit $20/week, weeks 21-40 I deposit $40/week, and weeks 41-52 I deposit $60. At the end of my year, I’ll have $1920 stashed away.


You can also save all of your coins in one place and periodically roll them all to see where your savings are at. If you tend to carry cash, this could be a fun way, as we all hate having to carry around the extra weight of pesky coins. You’ll be surprised how much you can save this way.


Another fun way is to stash away all of your $5 bills. They never seem to go very far when you’re out shopping, so why not make a collection?! Again, you’d be surprised as to how much money you can tuck away by doing that.

Combining trick #2 and #3 will save you even more. If you want a concrete savings goal, I’d stick with either version of the jar.

Which way do you think is most realistic for you? What trip are you planning on taking next? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

3 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

And don’t forget to check Josh’s social media (here and here) for some travel inspo. You can also reach him here to inquire about your next dream destination! (Do it, do it, you know you deserve it.)

Also, be sure to save and print our weekly savings grid to keep you on track:

Easy ways to save money for your next vacation - because we all deserve a little getaway.


  1. This is too awesome! I love the idea of just saving your coins or depositing a certain amount each week. It would be nice to save for your next vacation this way and it’s something that’s really worth trying too.

  2. I am pretty good at CV when it comes to traveling. We just came back from Disney and I did not spend over $100 and that includes food. I love the tips that you have here and I will implement some of them for my next trip.

  3. My husband and I don’t travel often but we do go on the occasional trips. These tips are great for that, I love the different ways that you can save money and you won’t even feel the pressure.

  4. WE save money every month for going on holiday. Might not use it all one year that is okay. Stays there for a bigger trip next year

  5. What a great way to save money. It’s early in the year so it’s not too late to start saving. I’m Mexico bound this year and may have to put some of these savings tips to the test. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That sure sounds like a plan! I usually save a tenth of my paycheck and made arrangements with the bank for an auto-deposit service. As for saving coins, yes, I agree. That is a great way to save. The money from saving coins can be used as food allowance when you finally get to have that dream vacation

  7. I love this approach to saving for a vacation. I would have to make sure I cashed a check or went to the ATM as I rarely carry cash any more. The main goal is to be systematic.

  8. Consciously putting aside money no matter how small or large of a sum it is is always a good habit. Setting a goal is essential to compel us to spend our money wisely and be able to save. And this is a great way to cultivate a good habit we can teach our kids.

  9. This is a very sensible way to save for vacation. Last year, I did save enough money to pay off the car loan we have and that was a great relief to be able to pay it off. I love that jar technique!

  10. These are simple but effective ways to save some money! We want to go somewhere for spring break, not sure where yet. But it would be nice to save a little extra for the trip.

  11. These are great tips. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to save up for your next adventure. I love the idea of stashing your $5’s. AWESOME idea.

  12. I love the idea of stashing $5’s, they would add up quick. I have no vacation planned, but the ocean is calling my name!

  13. This is so cool … great ideas for kids to learn as well! I’m going to be better about keeping all my loose change stored up.

  14. I love these savings tips and need to follow them myself starting this year. My financial dynamic is changing so it is important that I save up.

  15. My goal is to always save for a trip during the summer and although we achieve that, it would be nice to have strategy instead of just saving. These ideas are cool! I love that chart, there’s so much that you can save.

  16. That was a great tips for every Traveler. Every one traveling to cheap rate. But Every one can not do that. They do not know how to save many. Many blogger write many type of tips but that can not properly work. I read your tips I think that work properly.

  17. It is important to choose the right time to travel. Traveling off-season can be 3-4 times cheaper than in the time when everybody has holidays. Many of our contributing travel bloggers emphasized this fact.

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