2018 Fabulous Foodie Gift Guide


10 ideas for your favourite at-home chef. Here’s this year’s foodie gift guide.

Who’s the homecook in your life? In our household, we all appreciate the culinary arts, so this list just came so naturally.

Our first gift guide of the year! This Foodie Gift Guide is a carefully-curated list of items perfect the budding chef in your life.

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Our Foodie Gift Guide is a carefully-curated list of items that are perfect for any kitchen. What are you waiting for? Encourage that foodie to make you their next best creation. À la cuisine!

Our first gift guide of the year! This Foodie Gift Guide is a carefully-curated list of items perfect the budding chef in your life.

1. I’ll never say no to a Moscow Mule. This one boasts a copper-plated exterior, which has been so trendy as of late. (Psst: there are SO many choices of ‘Final Touch’ items at Linen Chest – yessss!)

2. Encourage that home chef to host more of their fabulous dinner parties. These napkin rings are the perfect addition to any fancy-shmancy tablescape.

3. Coffee in the morning is a must. Your foodie friend will love this rose gold coffee press – who wouldn’t want something so beautiful brewing their first cup of Joe in the morning?

4. Splurge and make sure your loved one has a dutch oven to their name: it’s a must for any foodie!

5. Raclette for two: at Linen Chest, you can find this beauty of a raclette set. Nothing’s cozier in winter than a delicious meal of hot cheese and meats. Bon appetit!

6. Anything from Hudson’s Bay is surely a Canadian favourite: kiss the cook while they sport this striped number.

7. Ensure that every one of their turkeys is baked to perfection. An oven thermometer is a must for any Chef’s Kitchen.

8. Fizzy water has never looked so good: you can make your own at home with this state-of-the-art Soda Stream.


  1. These are all fabulous gift ideas for the foodie in your life. I would love to to gift the coffee press and the raclette for my other half. I would love to have the mug and the oven thermometer under the tree for myself this year!

  2. That Rose Gold coffee press is a thing of beauty! I was given a coffee press years ago (before Google) and I never could figure out how to operate it so I donated it. I need a redo with the one you featured. It’s so pretty.

  3. Napkin rings will definitely take your entertaining up a notch. I love breaking out the linens and my fancy napkin rings out and glamming up our dinner from time to time.

  4. These items are awesome. I would like to have them all. I need to show this post to my husband, who knows…. 🙂

  5. These are all great gift ideas for the foodie AND the non-foodie. The reason I say that is because the non-foodie may find that they would enjoy becoming a semi-foodie lol. Your gift guide is very appealing to me.

  6. At home my spouse cooks while I bake so these are right up our alley! We were just at The Bay yesterday and were drooling at all the striped things lol.

  7. These are awesome gifts ideas for a foodie like me. Now, I know what kind of gift to give to my mother on this Holiday season and I am sure she is going to like it.

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