10 Chocolate Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Is your sweet tooth begging you for some chocolate-y goodness? We've got some recipes to help out with that!

Does your sweet tooth ever taunt you with chocolate-y desire? Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but who can say no to a good serving of cocoa?

Recently, I visited Cacao70 and it was quite the thrill for my sweet tooth. In fact, even my cravings for savory breakfast items were satisfied all thanks to their diverse brunch menu.

Lately, I’ve been all about chocolate. Seriously – chocolate everything. Now that I have more time to bake, I scoured the web to find some of the best chocolate-y recipes.

Is your sweet tooth begging you for some chocolate-y goodness? We've got some recipes to help out with that!

{one} I’ve been wanting to get a cast-iron skillet for a whilee now – this Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake may be the reason to finally pick one up.(willowbirdbaking.com)

{two} Bacon and chocolate chips team up to make this fabulous cookie. (bakingbeauty.net)

{three} Chocolate for breakfast? I say yes! (savorytooth.com)

{four} This protein mug cake is just what I need as an afternoon snack (thebakingfairy.net)

{five} Poke cakes are all the rage these days – can’t wait to dive into this recipe! (lovebakesgoodcakes.com)

{six} Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Balls to serve at my next dinner party. (livingsweetmoments.com)

{seven} Peanut butter + cookie dough? Win. Win. Win. (backforseconds.com)

{eight} My brother absolutely adores Turtle chocolates. Gotta make him a batch of these Salted Caramel Turtle Brownies for his birthday. (backforseconds.com)

{nine} Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars are just what I need right now. I’ll take 2 dozen, please! (willowbirdbaking.com)

{ten} Pumpkin brownies that only require two ingredients. (lovebakesgoodcakes.com)


  1. I have been having sugar cravings lately. I had a cancer scare…so I was depriving myself of sugar as sugar feeds cancer. Now that I have the all clear, it’s on! Can’t wait to eat all of this!

  2. I am high on chocolate temptation. These recipes are great for the times when you have that sudden chocolate pang and pastries aren’t enough to satisfy that excited sweet tooth.

  3. loving this list. It so wide ranging. I have a brunch coming up. its going to difficult to decide which one I am going to make!!

  4. You had my attention at Chocolate! I love all things sweet and chocolate is on the top of that list! I would definitely be all in for the brownies and any sort of cake! These all looks so yummy it would be hard to choose…

  5. It’s as if you posted this specifically for ME! Ha! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I can’t wait to try some of these – especially the peanut butter + cookie dough!! My two favorite things in one! I also can’t wait to share this with my friend who is a food blogger and cooks/bakes all day every day! Maybe she will make some for me. Delicious post!!


    • Lindsay,

      Sweet-tooth ladies reunite! I’m always craving something chocolate-y. If my husband brings home dessert from our favorite bakery, it hardly lasts a day in our household!

  6. Chocolate is literally a gift from heaven. I literally have been having such a rough day and clicking on this and seeing the pictures alone just melted me haha! These all look so good that I could go for a bit of each right now.

  7. Some of these look really good. I typically try to avoid chocolate because it tends to give me horrible breakouts. However, a few of these make me think it might be worth the risk.

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