So, I’ve got some news.

The Fabulous Habits household is welcoming a new member.

I’m thrilledΒ to announce that in January, Joe and I will be expecting our first bundle of joy! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share the news with my audience and figured: heck, why not do it on the week of our re-launch?!

We’re running around trying to get everything in order. Right now, things feel a little upside-down but in due time, I am sure we will have our routine down. Everything else seems to have fallen into place otherwise.

Both sets of grandparents are absolutely thrilled. On Joe’s side, this will be the first grandchild so it is absolutely exciting and new for his family. My parents are the seasoned pros. Our son (yes, it’s a boy!) will be welcomed with open arms and my two blessed nieces are extremely excited to be older cousins.

The Fabulous Habits family just got bigger.

To celebrate our re-launch, I've got some very exciting news to share.