What in Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

What's In Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

Call me traditional, but having a carry-on is essential to my travelling needs. At the airport, I often spot women travelling with the most inconvenient purses (but very pretty and fashionable, nonetheless). I couldn’t even imagine being without my Roots Small Banff Bag as I board the plane.

Whenever I’m preparing for a trip, I organize my packing into two categories: check-in luggage and carry-on luggage. Deciding what you put into your carry on is simple: take a step back and think of your essentials. Think of the items you couldn’t be without if ever your check-in luggage got lost and/or delayed. When I pack, I always imagine heading to a place where malls and stores do not exist, so what I end up bringing are the “irreplaceable items.”

What's In Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

This undies organizer is one of the most brilliant purchases I have ever made. It has two separate zip-up compartments: one side for clean underwear and the other side for used ones. I always have this in my carry-on because misplaced underwear is such a hassle. The idea of having to shop for the right sizes and worry about cleaning them (for sanitary purposes) is already making me cringe.

What's In Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

When I’m packing for my trips, I take into consideration any important events that I’ll be attending. When you’re preparing your carry-on, it’s always a good idea to include the wardrobe that’s essential to any parties or meetings that are on your itinerary. I mean, how frustrating would it be to have to replace your recently purcahsed LBD? Last weekend, Joe and I headed to Ohio for his father’s wedding, so I made sure to pack my outfit and have it constantly by my side. You should also include any fragile and/or high-valued jewelry in this mix.

What's In Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

Since I can barely see without my glasses or contacts, this comes pretty natural for me: any items for personal hygiene (in travel sizes, of course!) go straight into my carry-on. What if you miss your connecting flight and you’re stuck at the airport for hours? No one likes morning breath and crusty eyes.

What's In Your Purse?: Carry-On Luggage

Since I am already so minimal with my makeup, adding my favorite palettes and tools never adds weight to my carry-on. Again, this has to do with making processes less of a hassle. If ever there was a delay in my suitcase’s arrival, at least I could still get ready with my basics. This saves a trip to the mall and is great for the budget-conscious traveler.

What are your travelling tips?

Stripes and Comfort

Stripes and Comfort

Last week when I was shopping at the Gap, I stumbled upon this dress and kept on going back and forth to it. I immediately noticed the ultra-soft cotton blend that they used, but kept on second guessing myself. I loved the concept of its extremely loose fit but didn’t think I could pull it off. I even discussed outfit options with one of their sales associates and was sold after I tried it on not once, but twice.

Since the weather’s not yet warm enough, I sport it with a pair of leggings (and surprisingly, it doesn’t add more bulk to its already wide shape). I also use one of my pink statement necklaces to add a bit of sparkle to the outfit .

Stripes and Comfort Stripes and Comfort Stripes and Comfort

Wedding Words: 6 Months

Wow. 6 months really just flew right on by. 6 months. That’s 182 days. Half a year of utter joy and bliss. My first six months of officially being a wife.
When people ask me, “So? How does it feel now that you’re married?”, I can’t really say much. Nothing has really changed. Joe and I went the less traditional route (if you can even call it that these days) and lived together for a year even before tying the knot, so our living arrangements have remained the same.
Our feeling of love and happiness are still as strong and so the official document stating our nuptials is more paperwork than anything else. (Well, at least it was a call for celebration, giving us an excuse to dine, dance, and party with family and friends.)
I love this moment Joe’s uncle (who’s my uncle now, too!) captured when my bridesmaids were helping me down the stairs, on our way to our outdoor photoshoot despite the crummy weather. It’s a true reflection of how my friendships remain stable, consistent, and more true than ever… even with the change in my marital status.

Happy 6 months to my wonderful husband.

I Love Salads

I Love Salads

In the kitchen, a book I keep at arm’s reach is called Salad Love by David Bez. Bez provides over 200 salad recipes that are not only easy to prepare but are also incredibly delicious.

David Bez turns plain-old salads into pieces of edible art. He works with bases of leaves, pastas, or grains and elegantly layers vegetables, fruits, and meats on top. Also, to add more flavor, Bez provides recipes for mixes of oils and spices to serve as dressings. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of having to conjure up my own sauces. However, with Salad Love, less is more, and it encourages readers to use quality ingredients to ensure a tasty sauce without getting too messy in the kitchen.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I Love Salads I Love Salads I Love Salads

Salad Love will have you re-think your next trip to the grocery store. If you’re in need of satisfying meals that consist of fresh ingredients, colorful combinations, and full-blown tastes and textures, then go ahead and pick it up. Salad Love is a must-have in every kitchen!

Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

When Joe and I announced our engagement, we received the kindest congratulatory messages. Most importantly, my newly married girlfriends gave me their personal wedding tips. One of them told me: “Enjoy this special time and take it all in. These are the precious moments in life.” Simple and true, I took this advice to heart, and decided that we should capture our wedding adventure as much as we could.

Last week, my dear friend and fashion photographer, Alexandra Côté-Durrer (the girl behind the camera for Alex C.D. Photography) offered her talents to help us create an unforgettable engagement photoshoot.

Alexandra manages to capture the beauty and story behind every one of her subjects. No need to explain further – I’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Thank you once again to Miss Côté-Durrer – photoshoots never feel like work with you (in our case, actually, it is an opportunity to play catch up despite our busy schedules). Also, don’t think you’re off the hook yet… we’ll be using your talents for many more occassions, I’m sure!

You can follow her on Instagram @alexcdphotography and on Facebook (trust me, your newsfeed will start looking phenomenal).

Engagement Photos Engagement Photos Engagement Photos

…and of course, I said “yes”

...and of course, I said "yes"

Here you have it, my biggest news of 2014: I can now refer to my better half, Joe, as my fiancé. You guessed right: I said yes to one of the most important questions ever asked to me. Yes!

The emotions are sometimes overwhelming. Depending on the family member, sharing the news either enhanced my giggle fits or caused me extreme sweating. Whatever the side effect, it always wore off. At the end of it all, everyone celebrated and shared their excitement with us.

While the news is still fresh (and still sinking in, even for me!), I have noticed a few changes:

I am constantly staring at my left hand …and of course, with the biggest smile. While some women prefer taking part in the ring selection, I shine with pride knowing that Joe chose mine based on his interpretation of my tastes and what would best represent our union.

During shopping escapades, I have only been eyeing the neutral palettes. Between ivories and whites, I am researching bridal stores across the city to keep my options open. But be aware folks: the dress for the engagement party has already been chosen!

...and of course, I said "yes" ...and of course, I said "yes"

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